Prostitution Report
from Australia

Prostitution is legal in certain states of Australia, namely Victoria and ACT. Having said that, there seems to be tacit approval from the local law enforcement agencies in the other areas, mainly because it really does not seem worth the effort to clamp down. There is a prostitution decriminalization bill due to go before parliament in South Australia within the next few months, and already the "church" groups are crawling from the woodwork demanding harsher penalties, rather than liberalization.

Having said that, there are dozens and dozens and dozens of in and out call services advertised daily in South Australia (Adelaide) in the daily metropolitan newspaper. There are several good places for incall services, and plenty of dogs - because of its very nature, it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. One good in house is Allure, located on the city of Adelaide fringe. It is "manned" by about 6 girls, working in pairs from 10.00am till 10.00pm (or there abouts). It appeared at one stage, it may have been house rules to BBBJ, as about 18 months ago, no matter who you saw, it was "grab your cock and down their throat" (although not to completion). Each of the girls are a joy to be with (prices range from $60 for 20 mins, $115 for 45 mins and $145 for the hour) - it is based on time, not performance, although on occasion there has been a little reluctance on the girls part to go more than once). Their 2 star (IMO) performers have moved on in recent times - an absolutely stunning Jamaican lass - Chrissy, and a beautiful shaved blonde - Missy (both BBJ'ers). Jessie is a bubbly 20 year old, who will kiss all over your balls, and right up the shaft (with a little tongue thrown in) - mind blowing, but a bag for anything else. She is a natural red head, with somewhat shaggy hair, very thin and petite.

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She is shaved, and has a hair trigger clit, which she absolutely loves being licked (but no fingers). A great time. Ebony is a mid to late 20's Sri Lankan beauty. Wonderful coffee colour, which contrasts well with us "whities". Is very forthright sexually, is not shaven (a nice black patch) - absolutely loves being fingered and eaten, but a bag for head and sex. Has suggested that she does a double act with Rebecca, and early 20's blonde stunner. Beautiful body, firm tits, but a little cold for me. No touching, definitely no eating. Wonderfully tight. Ruby, a new girl is also quite a looker. Early 20's, dark long hair, nice full bust (no report available as yet though :( ). Ann is mid to late 20's, blonde, but also not for me - look only, but no touch or eat. Have not met Gia. Also available (complimentary on 45 min and hour bookings), is a spa in which your lady will join you - very nice :) Their phone number is available daily in the Adelaide Advertiser.

One other place in the Adelaide suburbs, about 10 mins from the city centre, that had potential was LA's. They advertise full on lesbian encounters. The first one was with Jas and Chloe. It was great ($150.00 per hour on a "half price tuesday") Jas was the dominant one - and included her eating out of Chloe, Chloe eating her, fucking with Dildo and strap on, and my full participation and coming with both girls. While not stunners to look at, more your girl next door types, it was great. Next visit was Jas and Angel (Chloe having left). Not as good as first visit, but still enjoyable (no strap on though) Down hill slide then began. Chloe left and replaced by Missy. I had the misfortune to visit on Missy's first day, and her first "les" encounter. She just lay there, and was licked by Angel, who had, on that day at least, a serious body odour problem - I couldn't get within 18" of her pussy for a lick without gagging!! - That hour dragged!!

Last visit was Missy and Aimee (a chunky blonde in her early 20's). Of the hour, 40 mins was spent with them dancing / jiggling to the music they were supposed to be stripping to. No interaction between the pair. Missy poked herself with a dildo, but that was it. Based on the original experience, I believe they deserve one more visit to redeem themselves, but it is worth finding out who is there before committing. Their number is also available daily from "The Advertiser". Les seems to be the flavour of the month at present, with several places offering this service, including a pair of Brazilian sisters, but prices can be up to $300 per hour. There are also numerous Rub & Tug asian houses, with service from about $20, and other places of varying quality. It seems to be very much a case of find somewhere you like and stay there.

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