Prostitution Report
from Brazil

After going to Curacao twice and the Dominican republic in the last six months I decided to cut to the chase and visit the top rated mongering destination in thw world, Rio.Prior to going i studied pimsleuer tapes but only got through disc one. I also downloaded Bwana diks guide which was extremely helpful. I booked Don for a guide simply because i had never been to Rio and did not no what to expect. I was somewhat intimidated by the reports of saftey concerns. I arrived at 8am after a long uncomfortable flight with no sleep. I checked into Princess copacabana hotel, a reccommendation from Bwana. Upon check in I asked them about girl policy. I already knew they charged 60 reals for guests.

To my suprise they said they would give me a weekend rate of 165 reals ( about $55 us and no girl charge fri-sun ). the place was great. I had a two bedroom apartment, very clean and modern. There was a gym , pool and sauna downstairs and breakfast was included. the week rate was 216 reals. The desk spoke english and arranged taxi's for me and even interpeted for me on the phone to arrange girls to my room. I met Don arround 2pm at Alcazar restaurant. To my suprise he had about ten other mongers that had hired his services. The plan was to go to Luomo terma about 4pm. After arrival at the terma, i had a sauna, massage and headed for the bar. There were probably 20 girls there, but at first i did not see anyone i liked. The brazilian girls really are diverse in there looks. There is every shade from white to dark skiined and every shade of coffee colored in between. I found a lot of them had a little extra padding in the butt area for me. I like skinny girls with long hair and tight butts.

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That said , there were plenty of girls that fit that description. the problem with the terma's is this. when you first go to the bar area you are approached all the time. Some of these girls can be quite aggressive. I had to take my time and look arround to find one i really liked. Sometimes i had to make a few visits to the mens shower area just to get away from a girl. I visited a terma every night and hit most of them. Luomo had the best prices , about $180 reals and the girls were pretty nice.Centauras had the best looking girls for a price of $290 reals. So i'm at Luomo and i finally see a girl to match my desires named Shayla. Riohemp is there, a fellow monger who knows her. He says she is a star and will spoil me. She is a tall blond beautiful slim body, and pretty face. I approach her and ask her to sit down. She starts deep french kissing me, and soon i am ready to go to a room. I wish i had my camera to show you her beauty, but i was a little wary about taking my expensive digital to a terma as i knew i would be having a few drinks. In the room she shows me why she is a star and what made Rio women famous. She had great oral skills and could "deep Throat" like a champ. She did everything i wanted, anal and rim job included.

I left Luomo about 10pm because previously that day I had don book me a karla model for 11pm. I was pretty tired and did not know if my 54 yr old body could handle two girls in 3 hours, from a guy who hadn't had sex in a month. Thank god for Cialis. Thachkina arrived on time and was just as hot as Shayla. I was tired and let her preform her magic on me while i laid back and took it all in. the next morning i went to see Brazil Specialist, to see his portfolio of girls. I did not see anyone on screen i had to have. he even offered me the girl who was hanging out at his apartment, and she was pretty nice. I was leaving his place and a girl was coming out of an apartment nearby. She asked if i wanted to see this apt. for rent. It really was nice and only $140 reals . She was nice too and giving me the look. I thought what the hell and leaned over to kiss her. To my suprise she kissed backed. We went to my hotel where she gave me a great massage and sex. I thought it was free until later when she asked me for $100 reals. I gave Marisa 50 and sent her on her way. So, three girls in 24 hours, what a country! I spent the rest of the week going to the beach or shopping in the day and different terma's at night. There were girls on the beach , that were available.

One day i saw this hot girl laying near me. I was to shy to go up to her as i figured her a young college girl non pro. Later arround %pm i was sitting at MEA Pataca ( whore central ) and she walks by. I had been sitting with an older women who spoke english, who said she knew all the girls. I was buying her beer and pumping her for info. I mentioned to the old women she was nice, and she said would i like to meet her. She left and a few minutes later appeared with this beauty. I found out she was for hire, to my amazement. I arranged to meet her later at help but never made it. I met ramrod at Mea Pataca. I hope when i am his age i can still monger. He is a great guy, full of experience and wisdom, and he knows all the right Rio contacts. The following pictures are of two terma girls. the first was the prettiest girl i had in Rio, and i found her at Centauras. If she didn't suck dick for a living i would marry her. The second girl is a Luomo. I consider her the least attractive girl i had in RIo. I took her an hour before my flight was to leave. I was in a hurry and could not afford to wait arround and look

so in closing i would have to say Rio is an amazing place, a mongers dream. The next time i will study more portugese, and try my luck on some non pro's. I saw many beautiful girls there, i wish i could converse with. I passed up a festina where you could have all the girls you could take in an eight hour orgy at the vip motel. Cost $300, reason for not attending/ could only probably handle one a day. Sex was everyewhere it was just a matter of being picky and waiting for what you desired. I can't believe i was staying 3 blocks from help and never made it. Many guy's from my hotel did, as i saw beautiful girls coming in day and night to the rooms. I guess i know have a reason to go back, unfinished business.

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