Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I want to thank Rockhard for suggesting a trip to Hua Hin last month. Unfortunately there seemed to be a storm in the gulf and ocean was too rough for swimming while I was there (Oct. 7-10)Anyway, about Hua-Hin. This is a nice atmosphere, more laid back and less hustle than BKK but also seeming to show signs of a lot of real estate development and construction activity.I took the 2:20pm train out of Hua Lomphong and got in about 7:20pm. Taxi's found me and we hit the ATM and email to get the Thai name of the resort I was staying at, I don't think my taxi driver could read at all. 1/2 an hour and 4-5 kilometers later we roll into my place just past the new Hyatt Hua-Hin.I had booked my room via stayed at the Baan Duangkaew Resort 83/158 Soi Talay 12, Takiab Road, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan 77110 Tel. (032) 515307 1 x THB 1700 / Thai Bungalow Weekday double rate

Notice the double booking. The agent at the desk asked if my wife was with me I told him no, she's back in town. I still have to go back in and meet her, in fact. LOL He was good for the joke and understood as well. So I told them I was looking to 'see' the layout of City Beach Hotel and Paradise Disco(heard on another board this was teh site of action). Their driver spoke no english so the desk guy translated what I was looking for and then we proceeded out for a very slow tour via hotel's diesel (belching fumes) Isuzu truck with covered bench seats in back. I get the feeling (after three days here)there are more bars, more girls, more tourists in town and hotels like new Hyatt are adding to demand for the 'scene' so Isan gals are arriving daily to oblige.

The Paradise Disco, on the first floor of The City Beach Hotel has a new name and seems to not be popular anymore. Or so my rentaGFE for the stay would have me believe, but I come to doubt this later and wish I had checked it out. Anyway, for sure the Hilton Disco is THE happening place now. Every night at midnight the beer bars close and the bar girls migrate to Hilton disco when they close shop. Live music for a one hour set is very popular and later disco goes till 2am My first night there and there were a few European couples (6) but about a 20:1 girl:guy ratio cuties everywhere that love to dance. Most of the night was me: 1 John Travolta impersonator/30 girls on the dance floor. Nice!

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From the front door of Hilton disco head across the parking lot and right 12 meters then left down narrow soi where it's wall to wall hostess bars with some very cute girls. I started the first night in the Hog's Breath Tavern (more than one in town) around the corner and at the other end of this soi from the Hilton, where I met the lovely Pook, 19 yrs., 3 months out of Isan, great smile, good english, sweet as pie but a little deceptive all ready and looking for that ticket out of country. Bar fined her for 300 baht and got hit up numerous times by kids hawking roses, ended up buying four doxen for 600 baht. Happy kids spread the word fast and it was a flower show for a spell after that.The Hua Hin scene~ Hilton anchors it on the ocean side, then City Beach Hotel anchors the other end of a very large rectangular area filled with tourist related shops, pool bars, hostess/beer bars and tons of tailors, which runs all the way down to the famed seafood restaurants of Hua Hin on their own piers over the water. Not too many MP's and most look more legit than FS, I did see one body-to-body oil massage sign (only 1). Second day, after returning to Hog's Breath with Pook to payoff evenings BF we strooled this area to arrive at Chao Lay Seafood Rest. had a wonderful and delicious dinner of rice, whole steamed fish ( covered in chopped garlic and peppers, not too spicy, rich in oil, tender meat, fantastic flavor), fried breaded squid, sauted vegetables, a small bucket of steamed GIANT prawns (8-10), rice, coke and a beer. Prawns were the biggest I've ever seen nearly the size of my fist and fantastic meat. Check was 1015 baht. Superb meal. Later we end up back at Hilton disco where the ratio comes down to 10:1 still very happy hunting and easy as can be.

Another beer back at Pook's bar and it was time for a late Thai massage, well over one hour and 300 baht later I was ready for bed.I can't say enough good things about this Baan Duangkaew Resort very nice staff, outstanding architecure and amenities, both in the room and around the grounds, very helpful people, lot's of Thai family guests and internet access from the lobby's pavillion was free (I think). If anything it catered more to families than hobbyists but they were fully aware of my hobbying and accomodating in every way really. Never implied I wasn't welcome to bring a guest. At 1700 baht I think it's a steal compared to what the Hyatt must be next door.Hua Hin girls were attractive and very plentiful. On the second and third nights we toured the bars and played several games of pool among other hosts. For sure you need not import a lady to this town if you go.Air service is not every day and I didn't want to loose 5 hours on the train back so the hotel arranged for car and driver for me to go back to BKK at a cost of 1800 baht. Very reasonable I thought.

Only thing I regreted was not taking a peek inside the disco at City Beach.

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