Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I was in BsAs for a week at the beginning of September. In preparation for the trip, i had visited a bunch of escort websites, printed a selection of pictures with phone numbers, and planned to make calls when i arrived, in addition to visiting Cutty Sark/Morgans/Orleans/etc.

Well, having made my call, i was disappointed to find that the woman who arrived at my hotel was not quite what was pictured online. There was a resemblance, but only if you added maybe twenty years. Like an idiot, i didn't ask her to leave, but instead paid for a ridiculously unsatisfying experience. She was friendly and conversational, and gave some effort, but i'm really not attracted to older women. I just chalked it up to experience/lesson well learned/etc., but immediately tossed all of the other pix.Next, i visited Orleans. But, it was a rainy sunday night, and no one inside was attractive/under 30. No business for me.

Next night, i decided to go for a 'top-line' club (as described in these message boards), and went to PlayWomen. Well, this was the beginning of everything for me. Inside, there was an amazing assortment of women, in sexy/revealing clothing, in various degrees of undress. The bar/club isn't so big. There's a short bar, a small stage area with seating around it, and then another loungelike room which looks into the stage area. The women there were like pornstars. From natural to silicon, wild-looking to demure, but all totally sexy. And, i'm extremely discriminating. The only problem with places like this is the bar tab, which ran about $75 each time i was there, and i really don't drink much. I'd have maybe one beer, one drink, and then the cover, and that's it. Whatever. And the girls start at (asking) $300, but the three times i visited, i paid 200/250/250. First girl, we went back to the hotel. Amazing sex. Nice (but difficult) conversation, since i speak almost no Spanish. Did i mention that the sex was amazing? Even compared to my recent trip to Rio.

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Next night, i visited Morgans, and a couple of places in that area, but found nothing remotely as amazing as in Playwomen, so i decided to go back to the Recoletta area, and try the other 'high-end' place, Black. Again, amazing. But different from Playwomen. Black is a bit more 'sophisticated,' and the girls had more elegance. I think the most appropriate comparison would be this: Playwomen girls are like Penthouse Pets/pornstars. Black girls are like Playboy Playmates. I won't say that there was a 'ten' in either place, but i may have only seen a few 'tens' in 'real life' in my lifetime. And i've been a fashion photographer and been to a lot of strip clubs. None of this detracts from the fact that these girls were incredibly hot. So, at Black, i got an amazingly cute and sexy girl who was half Argentinian and half Chinese. Cutest thing i ever saw, and with a great body. We went to a shortstaymotel, Aculpulco (which i wholeheartedly recommend), and had a great time. Get a three or four-star room at Aculpulco (a block away from Playwomen, and close to Black)., for the rest of the days in the week, i alternated between Playwomen and Black, and each time had extraordinary women. Either in my hotel (Best Western on Cordoba), or at Acapulco. I did try some of the other places noted online (Sodoma, Crystal, etc.), but the quality of women at Playwomen and Black was far superior. There were no rip-off attempts, although the maitre d a Playwomen did solicit tips for his 'assistance,' which i gladly paid. Same for any schnook outside the clubs who got taxis for me. Again, whatever. I had a budget, and just chalked it all up to vacation expenses. All in all, i came in at $700 under my anticipated budget. Not because there were any bargains, but because i only did one-a-days instead of twos.

Would i ever return? Possibly. The weather was atrocious. Cold as hell, and overcast every minute except for during my ride to the airport as i was leaving. The city itself is not so amazing, either. It's pretty enough, but there's not one truly spectacular sight -nothing to buy a postcard for. Try the tango shows, though. Entertaining.

Well, i'm tired now. If anyone has specific questions, write to me at I can provide more detail, as well as recommendations in other areas. You should check such websites as, although my first experience left me cold. I could not trust anything after that, but i might try again, wiser and after asking a lot of specific questions when i spoke to the girl.

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