Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Got back Wednsday from Rio. All I can say is WOW. What a great time I had. This was my fourth trip to Rio but the first time not during Carnaval. I met some great people including some of you mongers last Saturday. During the first part of my 11 day trip I was Photo Crazy and snapped off tons of pics. Then I kinda got tired of doing that and switched to 8mm. I wish there was a way to transfer some into digital . I'm sure there is but I doubt I'll pursue it soon.I've already reported some of the termas and massage parlors and the Vila in previous posts so I'll skip to the orgies and the GFE.

So during the Saturday meet at Alcazar's I meet up with some fellow hobbyists that are up for some festinhas. One of the guy's got put into an awesome apt right on Av Atlantica. This would become the poonatorium. Some girls were from escort services and some were friends I knew from Brazil Specialist. Multiple bodies along with the Roman pillars in the apts decor was like watching the movie Caligula. The only downside was the jaccuzi wasn't working. When Flemengo won the their soccer macth over their biggest rival it was so cool watching 6 babes screaming and hooting all the while jumpinig up and down butt naked. Needless to say they were very enthusiastic to please afterward.

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At the same time BS is still doing the daily festinhas at his place so I was doing the dipstick thing there too. He has a wide assortment of girltoys also. I think the girls had a great time also because they sure fell in love withe the deluxe vibrators he has. Agency girls during the day but I would hunt the usual Atlantica grounds at night. Got some good footage on film.

The girlfriend came in from Brasilia for three days. Luckily she likes to tan and I don't. It gave me time with the boys to hang. We did spend some quality but short time together then she moved on and for me the festinhas continued all the way up to about 30 minutes before I callapsed into a taxi to the airport. I wish I had one of those pocket golf swing counters so I could have had an accurate number to work with. Aside from the GFE I was able to migrate through about 46 garrotas in 11 days and nights.

I'll post some more pics from my trip but one thing my girlfriend had taken were some high quality pictures by a proffesional photographer. On Sunday I shared with some of you mongers some of the pics (about 15 by 11's size). I loved the way some of the guys were asking if I was leaving before she was. She's really personable and really charmed my new buddies. I wish I could clone her. She had a ton of shots on CD and I forgot to copy them. She's going to send me a copy though. I only scanned one for now because the quality will be preserved direct from disc later. I like black and white photography myself. I scanned one of the pics she gave me but I don't like the way it came out but I'll post it anyway. I would suggest that if you guys find that special someone and she is photogetic then have a real photographer take some magazine style shots of your girl (while she's still your girl). I had thought to do this many times and could kick myself in the ass for never doing it before.

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