Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Hello to everyone. I am in the middle of my current trip to Bangkok and thought I would share a report. I will be here until the 12th of August.

Just as a note, although I have been to Thailand many times in the past 2 years, this is my first trip since joining this site and getting all the great information I did not have before. So thanks to everyone out there. I am not one on a limited budget when I travel, but do appreciate all the tips on where to save money while having a great time.I arrived on the 6th and checked into the Narai Hotel on Silom Road not far from Patpong. This is not exactly the cheapest place in town, but I have stayed here so often, everyone knows me by name and at 1600 baht per night including breakfast, it does not bust my budget. They are girl friendly by the way and do not charge extra. Nice place to stay, although not too close to Sukhimvit and during rush hour, you can sit in traffic for some time.I went straight to a Soapie Massage place in Petchburi Road area called Angara that I have been to before and looked for a girl who 69'd with me big time before but she was not there. No problem, there were plenty of other hot numbers there and I got busy. 2000 baht plus I tipped her 500.From there, went to Nana Plaza for the first time and started heading up the stairs to Carnival Go Go that Disco Fly has mentioned before. Got half way up the stairs and was rooted into a bar called Madarin by a pushy girl. I went in to check it out and noticed that the girls there all looked like they were 14 or 15. Potential trouble... Had one drink and left and went up to Carnival.

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Picked out a cute petite girl who had a very enthusiastic attitude within 15 minutes and was out the door for a short time at a short time room in the Nana Plaza. Looks are not my number 1 prioirty. Enthusiasm is. I can't stand fucking a dead fish. Anyway, she was full of energy and I had a great time for 1000 baht plus 600 bar fine. Not bad for my first 3 hours in Bangkok. Got laid 2 times and was still rolling!The next day, I headed over to the Beer Garden on Soi 7 for lunch and some afternoon action (thanks for the recommendation Rockhard). Sat down to order food and like bees to honey, the girls strolled over. Picked up a decent looking girl for a short time and took off. Gave her 800 baht and she seemed happy with it. Best part was no bar fine.That night, I went over to Patpong to the Safari Bar that my friends had recommended to me. Had a big time blow out party there. One of the things I love about Thailand is that you are treated like a high roller in Vegas with only a couple hundred dollars in your pocket. Sex is great, but I like my ego stroked as well sometimes.

Ended up opening a tab and bought tons of drinks for 5 or 6 girls and the Mamasan almost all night and danced and had a great time. Ended up taking 3 girls home with me that night to the Narai. One of the best parties I ever had. Again, I am not on a budget, but a similar party in Vegas where I live would have cost me hundreds of dollars, rather than the 7,000 baht bar bill including bar fines.Safari Bar seemed to me to have some really hot looking girls. They have a DJ playing music and the service was excellent. I plan on going back there some more.Tomorrow I plan on hitting New Cleopatra and trying it out thanks to Rockhard's recommendation. Only trouble I have had is finding the exact address to tell a cab driver. I got into a cab today to head over there and the Cabbie said he did not know where it was. He of course wanted to take me to a place he "knew" was better, but I did not fall for that one. I just dropped it and left New Cleopatra til tomorrow when I can call and get directions.

That is about it so far. Having a great time in paradise. Thanks to all for the information and I will send another report before I leave.

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