Prostitution Report
from Arizona

Incall in Phoenix is a shoot and miss..Check out the Beat newspaper, located at various circle Ks in phoenix... YOUR MILEGAE MAY VARY..Most of the incall may charge you $300-$500 for an overglorified hand job...Some however, will offer $150 for full service..Some will offer $150 for the "get naked " fee and then charge $100-$500 for extra services... Be careful, there are a lot of rip offs out there....As far as strip clubs, check out some of the sleazier joints like RUMPER ROOM and BLUE MOON, they may offer $100-$200 for an hour of fun..... For real action check out nogales about 2 1/2 hours from phoenix..Take I 10 East to Tucson, then take I-19 south to can get bjs for $20 and full service for $40-$50 ...from hot young latinas..

Just to set the record straight on the Phoenix area: there are hundreds of incall and outcall "providers" here. They range in price from $100 and up for full service (FS) including bareback blowjob(BBBJ), covered blowjob(CBJ), all positions. (The abbreviations are included so thatyou can decipher the ads. There are many others.) Practically any Asian Massage Parlor(AMP), ads in the Bachelor Beat (50 cents), the Arizona Republic (50cents), or the New Times(free). Your best resource, however, to avoid ripoffs is Dave's list, He charges ~$20/month, well worth it. Do NOT pay more than $200. There is lots of competition, so most of the girls are quite nice looking. Some contact numbers of girls whom I have seen myself are Penny, 602 518 7041; Kristen, 602 524 0246; Nina, 602 997 2272; and ANYONE from my favorite AMP the Rose Garden Health Spa, 602 277 0946, where they will #### your brains out.

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