Prostitution Report
from Arkansas

I picked up this gal outside a McDonalds who was about five foot tall and probably weighed about 220 pounds. It was a hot night and she had just got off work at the poultry packing plant so she had a kind of wet but not exactly clean smell to her. We went to her trailer and convinced her three brothers to walk down to the gas station to get some sodas so me and Bobbie Joe could get it on for a while. Well just like your experience in El Dorado, she asked my to heat her up by eating her ass. I started to oblige when I noticed a huge infected boil on the inside crack of her left thigh. Well I proceed to lick her ass hole, all the while avoiding Mount Vesuvius threatening me from her left ass cheek.

Just as I think she is really getting into it she lets out this dead armadillo fart right in my face. I said come-on Bobbie Joe, what are you trying to do, make me sick? And I could tell by her kinda sheepish answer that she was. I think she was trying to do me like that gal did to you over in ElDorado, Pinko. I got a little dizzy like and felt fainty all over for about a minute but when my head cleared I skeedaddled right outa there. I got her number if anyone wants to try their luck but I think you should have one of them brothers stick around so she don't try no monkey business.

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