Prostitution Report
from Aruba

Back from another wonderful trip to Aruba. Had a great time hangin' on the beach, scuba diving, eating, visiting San Nicholas and generally relaxing. While there I checked out my favorite, Las Vegas (though the most recent report was not good, there are new women there and Denise was terribly cute and we had a great session), Chinese Clipper and Sayanara Bar.

I also checked out the new (to me anyway) strip club in downtown Oranjestadt. It is adverised in the Aruba Today paper as Hotel Baccara. It is located a few blocks behind the Royal Plaza. Just drive up the street between the Bus Station and the Royal Plaza a few blocks and you'll see the lights from the hotel. Its in a residential area. Unless you couldn't get to San Nicholas (SN), I would skip it. Theres a $10 cover charge, typical stage, small bar and 5 women. They were no better or worse than the women in SN, but their charge is $60 for 20 minutes of a "private dance - great suck-fucky". I've never had a time limit at any of the bars in SN and the most I've paid is $40 (plus drinks and/or bar fine which totalled $12 or less in every place I was in). Then again, if you are paying cab fare, which must be around $20 one way, you may be ahead of the game by going to the strip club. If I understood the girl who sat next to me, the place was a restaurant and went broke a few years ago. That's when they made it a strip club. I was there on a Tuesday night between 10 & 11pm. There were 2 other guys yuckin' it up big, one quiet guy sitting at the stage and one quiet guy at the bar (me). Not a whole lot going on, so at least I got to check out the talent, and decide to hear to SN, particularly when they weren't willing to negotiate the price.

As I mentioned, I had a great time at Las Vegas with Diana. Surprisingly, no discussion about $. I paid $40 when leaving and we were both happy. I met a petite blonde, medically enhanced babe, Laura, at Chinese Clipper. She was the only one who talked $ and $40 was the fee. We left the bar and went across the street to Minchi's (nice rooms upstairs). What was strange was that Minchi's appeared closed. No one was tending bar, half the lights were off and two girls were hanging out the back door looking for customers! The clipper was the only bar with a 3 drink requirement for the girl.Met Carolina at Sayanara, no discussion of $, she offered anal and I paid $40. (BTW, all bj were covered). She claimed she was 26, but I would put here at 30. Still, very attractive and the best session all around this trip. I returned to Sayanara, but had an uninspired and somewhat rushed session with Pam.

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