Prostitution Report
from Australia

If you want cheap, but rough, and you have a car - you can pick some up from the streets of St Kilda. It is often referred to as "Fitzroy Street" being the main street here - but that is actually the main street - the girls are to be found in the back streets somewhere behind the shops, or around the corner and down along St Kilda rd (the big highway). If you get a street directory (which you will have in a rental car), you can look for StKilda, then these two main roads, and drive around that section - kind of a triangle type area.

Ah fuck - it has been too long!!! Maybe some people that are still around this area can confirm. Girls are pretty rough though from memory, so if you are normally inclined, in this case, don't even THINK about going without a condom!! But of course the advantage is cheap and up for just about anything.

If it is a slow night, you could pick up a BJ for A$20-40, and a fuck for $40-$80. Not sure if someone with more recent experience than mine can update or fill in the gaps here.

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