Prostitution Report
from Austria

The low end seemed to be Haus Miriam (I think that was the name), located at Juchgasse 11, which is in the Third District a short bus or taxi ride SE of the Parkring. It is an apartment building consisting entirely of studio apartments used by independent operators who rent from the owner. There are about 20 buzzers with the girl's name and sometimes a brief description, like "Black Mariana." When you get inside, a number of girls have posted large pictures on their doors, so you can survey what's available on your way up. I chose a black girl's name and went up. Mariana (again, I'm not sure of the name) was a black South African woman, said she was 35, who almost qualified as a BBW, with cute face, enormous pendulous breasts and a big ass. I know this would not be everyone's taste, but it suited me. She asked for AS700 for a blowjob and AS1000 (about US$65-70) for a blowjob and fuck. She agreed to take AS800 for a covered blowjob and fuck, which she performed quite expertly. Not a GFE by any means, but a lot of dragging her breasts across me at the start and heavy breathing and moaning at the end. I gave her the extra AS200 as a tip and left quite satisfied. Judging from the pictures on the way down, I would pick Joy the next time, an "18-year-old" black girl with what looked like a great body and pretty face. There were also quite a number of blond Eastern Europeans on the doors.

The next night I went looking for a real brothel experience. There is Babylon, a highly advertised place whose website shows girls in angel costumes and emphasizes how exclusive it is. The website is I learned later from a girl that used to work there that it is full of loud music and expensive drinks and they charge AS5000 (US$350) for a girl for a rushed 40 minutes. This did not interest me.I then found an ad (in the back of the guide given out at the airport) for Etablissement Josefine, 1., Sonnenfelsgasse 9 (small street NE of the cathedral). I went there.

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You go up stairs into a small bar. On a Monday night about midnight, there were three girls in there, a waitress and a bartender. This was not encouraging, but I stayed and later learned that the other seven girls on duty that night were upstairs with customers. I ordered an overpriced drink (I think about US$6 for a gin and tonic) and nodded to a pretty black-haired girl to come over and offered her a drink. She was very tall, over 6 foot even without her towering heels, very thin, and model-beautiful, a 9 if you are into the small breasted model look. She turned out to be a 23-year-old East German named Anika. The other two woman were somewhat older and fuller figured bottle blondes.

Anika led me into a nearby room with low-lighting, soft music and small tables, and we lounged, drank gin and sparkling wine and chatted. Her English was excellent. After a while, we went upstairs. Price was AS2950 (US$200). The room was a reasonably well-appointed bedroom, with red-lighting, a mirror on the wall and a big Queen bed. After pleasant shower washing each other, I gave her a thorough backrub, emphasizing her beautiful little ass; there was a lot of conversation and a very enjoyable, enthusiastic fuck. She smiled a lot, contributed to the conversation and was very forthright in answering all my questions about her job, background, etc. She said prostitution is legal in Austria, they have a medical checkup every two weeks, and get benefits. She gets 70% of the room charge and the drinks. She also said that there are brothels like this all over town, including one in the next street (which I took to be Backerstrasse); they tend to say "Bar Club" or something similar, and she suggested that they were often cheaper than Josefine, which had been around for 30 years and catered to businessmen and many well-known politicians. Josefine's business plan plainly calls for a lot of careful attention, absolutely unrushed, with sex only a part of the whole experience. Worked for me: with drinks and a tip I gave her (which I don't think was necessary, but I was quite enthusiastic about her by the end of the evening), I probably spent about US$330 for a very enjoyable couple of hours.

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