Prostitution Report
from Belgium

Information on Liege - Belgium (july 2000)

There are several red light places in Liege or near Liege where women are in windows.

The most known place downtown is rue Varin near the Guillemin railway station. The number of windows has recently decreased (it is currently between 12-20 girls) because of the TGV new station. Prices are quite constant ( 1 $us more or less 42 Bef) : 1000 Bef 'by hand', 2000 Bef blow job (and the girl is only topless), 3000 Bef for BJ + fuck but very often you can not even choose the position and it is not in a bed ! Do not expect to stay more than 10-15 min. Some girls propose 1/2h for 5000 Bef but it rarely includes cunt licking or 69. There are exceptions but you are to be lucky. Obviously there are older permanent women and 'not staying for a long time' younger girls.

The woman range from almost ugly to very pretty. Mostly Belgian girls but some are from France. I remember Nathalie (nice brunette, late twenties, 1/2h for 5000 Bef, BJ + cunt licking + fuck and really cares about your pleasure), Erika (pretty blonde, 1/2h for 6000 Bef including anal sex but unfortunately you! can not choose the position and you can not lick her). Sometimes it is a tourist trap, sometimes you may find interesting girls but do not expect bargain ! Most girls speak only French.

There are narrow streets near the end of Cathedrale street, close to Leopold street. This place is cheaper (1000 Bef for fuck) but woman are old or black (or junkies I suspect). Another place is in Seraing: just follow the Meuse river upstream. A small no issue street with windows is rue de la Glaciere. Also cheaper than rue Varin but I think it is difficult to find a pretty girl. I am not sure those two places are safe and therefore I have never tried them. You probably better go outside the city (if you have a car) on the national road between Liege and Brussels ('route de Bruxelles'). Take the highway from Liege to Brussels and leave at Hognoul and take the direction Saint-Trond (Sint Truiden).

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There are plenty of brothels on this road. The advice is to go far from LiŠge, between Oreye and Saint-Trond. The best place is Brustem (large concentration of brothels, 30-40 on 1-2 km), actually the last place with borthels before Sint-Truiden. Be careful when you stop, the traffic is dense, some people drive fast and it is sometime difficult to see accurately the girl in the window from the car. I think the prices are almost the same everywhere : 2000 Feb for BJ OR fuck, 3000 Feb for BJ AND fuck, 5000 Feb for « hour including BJ, fuck (beware that some girls refuse cunt licking, a lot refuse the introduction of fingers in the cunt and they do not anal). For 10000 Feb, you have 1 hour. At the lowest price, you are already in a comfortable bed with the naked girl. In some places, they have jacuzzi (15000 Feb for 1« hour) A good advice is to ask the girl exactly what is included and allowed. If she looks impatient, be careful, she will probably not do a very good job .Anyway, you never know what girl you will find ! I usually take the 5000 Feb « hour. I have been with pretty young girl, very attractive . that are extremely cold ! My best experience, last year : the classical 5000 Bef « hour with Helena, a 20 year old Moskow girl, 1m75 (5'10''), slim, middle size natural breast, hard body, short hair, pretty face, gorgeous ! In bed ? Make you believe you are her boyfriend (better than some of my girlfriends in fact .) ! French kissing, tongue to tongue deeply in the mouth, you can play with her pussy with your fingers and your tongue, blow job, fucking any position, and she does not stop saying 'Oh man !' to express her pleasure. It is probably a fake but she does it so well and everything with a marvellous smile from the first to the last minute ! I wonder whether she French kisses for 2000 Feb. Anyway, I go back the day after but I never see her anymore at my greatest regret (If somebody knows her, please let me know, I could cross Europe to meet her again .). Some girls work on a more regular basis. Try Mona, at Love Story in Brustem, a pretty 20 year blonde, she is a very nice person. Most girls here speak French but some speak only Dutch and/or English.

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