Prostitution Report
from Bulgaria

I spent a week recently at the Black Sea Resort of Varna/Golden Sands (Goldstrand), although I was based at St Konstantin which is a smaller resort half way between the two. Thought I'd just respond to some comments made on this post by others who’ve visited the area and add my own 2 cents/impressions for what it's worth, as there doesn't seem to be that much info about Bulgaria. 1. "Bulgaria is not the first choice for the hobby tourist". I have no idea about the rest of Bulgaria because this was my first trip there and limited to Varna/Golden Sands. But based on what I saw and experienced during that week I would completely agree that this place should NOT be your first choice (or anywhere near it!) if your sole intention in going there is for mongering. Golden Sands is a highly developed tourist resort that caters for mainly German, British, Russian, Czech, Italian etc families and couples. It is too expensive for most ordinary Bulgarians (average income $200 p.m.) and there isn’t much in the way of nightlife apart from a few restaurants and bars full of groups of tourists. Nor is there much, if anything, of a singles scene there.

However that isn’t to say prostitution doesn’t exist. At night there is a well organized hooker scene in Golden Sands revolving around the "Magura" club and on the street directly in front of it (BTW I was charged 10 leva entrance, not 3 leva as mentioned in a previous post, and beers are now 5 leva & mixed drinks 7 leva). "Magura" is a go-go bar with table dancers who gyrate and strip from 10-4 am, there is also a live show at 1:00 am if that turns you on, BUT before you get too excited, be forewarned that prices are high, the quality of hookers is not, the whole scene appears to be strictly controlled by strip clubs and pimps and you have to be very careful or just plain lucky not to be ripped off or taken for a ride. Funnily enough, Golden Sands is promoted as a "family resort" with elderly & middle-aged couples, families and kids thronging the streets at night where hookers and some transvestites openly and often aggressively accost even accompanied males. There is another "Erotic bar" in GS by that name but a taxi driver didn't recommend it so I didn't give it a try. That and "Magura" appear to be the only hooker action in this resort.

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More on Varna later. The dancers in "Magura" are Bulgarian and Russian and are of generally pretty good quality (visually at least) but I was told that not all of them will fuck with customers, and if you are interested in taking one of these dancers out you would have to wait until the bar closes at 4 or 6 am – too late for me. They will lap dance with guys sitting around the tables and of course expect a tip (5-10 leva/1 GBP=2.5 leva, $1=1.6 leva). After they dance they seem to immediately disappear until it's their next turn. However, there are plenty of non-dancers/hookers who will come and sit down with you in this bar. They alternate between cruising around inside this very dark bar and if they can't find any takers inside then they'll go outside into the street and accost guys walking past. Whether the bar receives a cut from them I have no idea, but they are allowed into the club and within seconds of sitting down with you they will either ask for a drink (or "lady's" drink as they optimistically call it, can be from 5 leva for beer, 7 leva for Red Bull which they will tell you they drink because "it's good for sex" but this is probably a just a ploy to persuade you to go with them and is more likely intended to keep them awake until 4-6 am, and up to 15-20 leva for a cocktail so be sure to check the price from the waitress before) or they will be straightforward and ask you if you want sex with them.

The standard charge is 100 leva for one hour (although a couple of hookers told me it was two hours). In my opinion, the hookers you’ll find inside Magura Club and on the streets outside are nothing special to look at – even drunk but especially sober. "I agree that Varna/Golden Sands is not a first choice. The business there is under strict mafia control, specially in Golden Sands. Last summer I paid 100 LEV for 1h + 10 LEV for the taxi (never more than 500m driving) + 15 LEV for a lady drink + 20-30 LEV in your hotel. So 1h might cost you up to 150 LEV". Absolutely. If you think that 100 leva ($60) is steep enough for an hour, add on the "lady's" drink(s) PLUS taxi fare to your hotel (unless you are staying nearby in Golden Sands) PLUS kickback to the hotel reception to let her in, which according to some posts on this board is 10-30 leva but in my case at Grand Hotel Varna in St. Konstantin was 60 leva, and you'll see that if you add up all your costs, it can turn out to be an expensive time for just one hour with a mediocre whore, i.e. 150-200 leva. 2. "It is VERY inexpensive to visit". In general, I found Varna/Golden Sands to be not as cheap as some have suggested. It might be a cheap country for Bulgarians or for tourists away from the main tourist areas, but as a tourist staying in tourist traps like Golden Sands and playing with the local pimp-controlled hookers you can get through a lot of money in a short time, and not get very much for it.

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At least that was my experience. The food is just average in the resorts and the days can be long when you're on your own in a family resort with no one to talk to! Also remember that the season in the Black Sea resorts is only from May-September. At other times of the year, everything is shut. 3. A WORD OF WARNING ABOUT MAGURA CLUB. Some of the non-dancer hookers inside this club and on the street outside it can be tricky and pretentious. When they sit down with you they will be all smiles, stroke your crotch etc but may not deliver on the suggestive promises made to you in the club to give you good service, a wonderful blow job and fantastic sex (no doubt powered by the Red Bulls that in reality you are paying for them to stay awake) when you get back to your hotel room, and you might be in for some unwelcome surprises. DON'T PAY THE GIRL BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX. I did this once with a hooker who approached me in Magura Club and had a bad experience from it. I should have noticed the warning bells when we got into the taxi outside the club. She made it clear she wanted to go with one taxi driver in particular and she wanted me to pay him upfront for the return journey back to "Magura" after the hour was up, and that the taxi would wait for her. I told both of them that I would prefer to pay her later, and that I would definitely do so, but they didn't seem happy about this and were very insistent about getting the return taxi fare up front. I didn't want to risk upsetting the girl before she got into my room and spoiling what I hoped and imagined was going to be a good time so I thought what the hell and gave the return fare to the driver, and she was then OK about that.

I noticed that she was always on her mobile phone, in the taxi, walking to my room etc. I assumed this was her boss/pimp, and I felt like my every move was being reported. If possible, I wanted to avoid the hotel entrance charge for her which I knew was 60 leva ($40) because I was already paying a hefty single supplement on the room. But when I told her I didn't want to pay the hotel entrance charge she again got uptight about this saying "big problem for me" and phoned her pimp on her mobile for advice. She definitely wasn't happy as I steered her past reception into the elevator without anyone noticing. I had done this the previous evening with another hooker I had met from the same club - avoiding my hotel reception area (it's a big hotel with big lobby and no one stopped us) and therefore the extra hotel charge. I had no problems with this girl, she didn’t ask for the money up front, she stayed 2 hours and gave reasonably good service although talked too much for my taste i.e. all the time and was a bit hurried/wacko and had a B.O. problem. Not a looker, but I was pretty drunk and it was dark inside the club when I met her and very late … not a memorable experience. As soon as we got into my hotel room, the second girl said she wanted to be paid all 100 leva upfront before she did anything. She became very businesslike and hard nosed. Obviously she had been instructed by her pimp to do this, also to get the return taxi fare up front. I told her it was not my custom to pay for sex in advance but I assured her that I would pay her afterwards, and maybe even give her a tip if the service was good. But she wasn't having any of it. I thought she didn't trust me, and told me she did this because of "problems" in the past which I took to assume were some guys screwing her and then not paying. So again I thought what the hell, she's at least in my room and not likely to run out with me there. I went for a quick piss in the bathroom, only to find the girl had completely stripped off within seconds of entering the room and was now standing with her back turned to me and talking once again on her mobile phone. After she had finished talking to her pimp she quickly unwrapped a condom and obviously wanted to get it over with as fast as possible and back to Magura to find another unsuspecting sucker. All of this happened within about 30 seconds of entering the hotel room with no physical contact.

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It was a completely un-erotic atmosphere and I didn't even have time to get hard. I usually like to take my time having sex and this was not the kind of "service" I had expected from her. I got angry and complained to her, at which point she started getting dressed, so I told her I wanted half my money back, but she refused. This made me more angry, so I locked the door and told her she wasn't going to get out until I had 50 leva back, since I had gotten zero for my money. She then got out her mobile phone and called her pimp again, no doubt complaining to him about me and probably saying I was barricading her in my room, refusing to pay her etc. I just calmly stood in front of the hotel door and repeated she could leave if I got 50 leva back. She again refused, and this time she called hotel reception on the room phone. That’s it, I was fucked (but not in the way I had hoped!). I can't understand a word of Bulgarian, but I can certainly imagine what she was saying to them! Within seconds a large, gum-chewing, hotel security flathead was banging on my door. He wasn't threatening but he made it clear he couldn't care less about my problem with the girl, insisted that I had to pay the 60 leva hotel charge (this was later added to my bill) and he then let the smiling bitch escape. I was so angry I couldn't get to sleep for an hour! This girl had a really bad attitude and I hope you don't get burned by the same experience. Her name is "Giana" (as in Diana but Guy-ana), Bulgarian, bleached blond straight hair, average/nothing special quality and body, about 160 cm, also hangs around outside the club on the street. Probably there are others in the same bar and on the street working the same ploy. If you get one of these bitches (who appear so enthusiastic and sweet in the club with her hand stroking your crotch and promising you a private dance in your room etc) you may be in for a similar bummer. So if you want to take your chances in "Magura" club I would make it clear to the hooker that you will pay her after sex, unless you are a gambling type. If you are a barebacker, also make this clear before, but I doubt whether you'll get many takers.

Again, my advice would be that if you are going to Golden Sands for mongering only, you're likely to spend more money than you expected and might be disappointed with what you get for your money. The quality of the hookers in this club and on the street outside it is nothing special and some of them are pretty rough-looking/bordering on ugly. And again, the whole hooker scene there seems to be controlled by the local mafia as you can read in other posts, which works against your interests. The minute you hand over money to the hooker (even in your hotel room) before she does anything, you have lost control of the situation and are entirely dependent on her nature, good or bad. If I had refused to pay her up front in the hotel, I thought I would have wasted all the time and money spent in the club plus the taxi fares between St Konstantin and GS (15 leva each way). But now I wish I had, so CHECK BEFORE, it might be a way to sort out the worst apples in the bunch. All these girls have mobile phones and seem to be in constant touch with their pimps. That's why I generally prefer freelancers or amateurs, but I didn't find any in GS. There is a disco club next to "Magura" called "Bonkers", not an erotic bar but the percentage of young males in this crowded meat-market seemed about 70-80%, whether they were Bulgarian or foreign guys looking for tourist women or just with groups of friends and partners I have no idea. I didn't stay long. "Germans tell me that Russian and Ukrainian girls are quite abundant and willing to make your vacation even more pleasant". Abundant?? I didn't meet any non pro or freelancing Russians in Varna, St Konstantin or GS during the week I was there. There may have been some in Bonkers (??) but if there were, they were all taken by the time I got there (male/female ratio 70/30%). 4. Be careful of some taxis in Golden Sands, especially those waiting outside discos & clubs. ALWAYS agree a fare before getting into the cab. Don't believe the ruse of using "the computer" (i.e. meter). It might well be rigged or tampered with to give an artificially high reading. Not familiar with GS the first night there I took a taxi from one club to another, not realizing it was within walking distance. As soon as we moved off the meter was registering 9 leva. When we arrived at the club (2 minutes drive) he wanted 14 leva. I gave him 10. I later learned the normal price within GS is 5 leva. GS to Varna is around 10-15 leva one way depending on your bargaining skills, should be cheaper day time. I never paid more than 15 leva.

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In contrast with GS taxis I had a generally good experience with the taxi drivers working for Grand Hotel Varna in St. Konstantin (back entrance). Fixed prices, friendly helpful guys who can speak some English and no rip offs. BTW, there is also another (yep, you guessed it) strip club at the Hotel Grand Varna. Entrance 5 leva, girls’ drinks 20-30 leva. Three Russian girls who couldn’t speak English took turns sitting down with me in between stripping. They also expect tips for the brief lap dances, 5-10 leva each time. Closing time was 4 am/till the last customer leaves – too late for me. I just want to sleep at that time. 5. Varna. One WSA poster wrote: "Stay away from Varna, A boring place with no action like what you're looking for. There's one place but it's BIG ripoff. Belive me". I’m guessing that place is "Playboy Club"? I went into Varna a couple of evenings and couldn’t find much action apart from 2 hostess/strip clubs and the "beach discotheques". I had read other postings about apartments and "offices" with hookers in Varna that the taxi drivers know but this is not my scene as I generally don’t like mechanical, hurried, on-the-premises sex. I was taken to 2 clubs in Varna: "Elektra" Club and "Playboy" Club. "Playboy Club" is an up-scale and expensive hostess-cum-strip club in the center of town on one of the main streets. I can’t recall if there was an entrance charge but it can be very expensive when you get inside and spend some time there! In this club are about 10-20 girls mostly Bulgarian and a couple of Russians, all very good looking near model-standard, who will strip and dance for you where you sit, and expect a tip (5-10 leva) each time, but the private (i.e for you) dance/strip lasts only a couple of minutes. Then the next girl will come, expect a tip, go away after a couple of minutes and so on. They take it in turns one after another after another, so you have to say "enough" or this goes on endlessly and your wallet will be empty very quickly. If you like one girl, you can ask her to sit with you and talk but she will expect a lady’s drink, and these can get very expensive. On the drink list you will find various grades of whisky and champagne, cocktails etc but for lady’s drink the prices are DOUBLE – e.g. whisky brand ‘Swing’ w/Red Bull 60 leva ($40) and the girls will usually select the premium brands because they and the club obviously make more money that way. On my last evening in Varna I felt bored to stay in my hotel and invited 2 girls in this nightclub for drinks, maybe 2 hours in total including some nice slow dances and the bill for 4 came to 380 leva/$200.

Expensive, sure, but these girls are premium quality and you will have a nice quality time with them (you get what you pay for) as long as you don’t expect to get an instant lay. Personally I would prefer to spend a couple of hours in the company of friendly model-standard girls slow dancing and having a nice time than a quick, un-erotic fuck with a mediocre hooker for almost the same price. One experience is memorable; the other is forgettable the minute it’s over. I was told by the taxi driver that these girls do not normally fuck with customers but if you were a regular customer, have money and they like you I think it’s possible. One of the Bulgarian girls who works in this club married a German she met there, went to live in Hamburg but returned shortly thereafter complaining he was a "playboy" (surprise, surprise ... what did she expect from a guy she met in a club with the same name?). Elektra is much smaller, entrance 10 leva, inside are maybe half a dozen girls in bikinis sitting at the bar taking turns to strip. Generally nice looking, but none of the girls made any move to come over and sit down with us (I invited my hotel taxi driver to come along, he only accepted a glass of water to drink and didn’t charge any extra for the extra time). Finally after a few minutes one girl came over, could speak fluent English, called Sarah, about 21, nice-looking and wanted a lady’s drink, cost 30 leva ($15). We talked for about half an hour, but she made no suggestion of any extra services later on and when she had finished her drink said thank you and went back to sit with the other girls at the bar. I had read other wildly conflicting posts about the ease or difficulty of picking up regular/amateur Bulgarian girls in Varna so I wanted to move on and check this out for myself. Here is what one WSA poster said: "I have been told that girls in the disco are relatively easy to pick up, but I'm not sure I believe it. My experience is that Bulgarians tend to be wary of foreigners and any approach to a girl by a Westerner will typically be considered something of an insult. English is fairly widely spoken among the young.

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Don't even try to speak Russian, people will hate you". And here is what another WSA poster wrote: "Opposite to the russian / ukrainian girls, I always found difficult to have a bulgarian GFE or to date a non-working bulgarian girl". But a very different line from another poster: "in june the best places to go is golden beach and varna these are locations of areas on the black sea they are drippping with babe many many non pros from bulgaria going to the beach to catch some sun and easy money and if you are an american in bulgaria whew be carefull the girls will eat you alive and the best part you dont have to pay just go to local disco clubs be yourself by the babes drinks enjoy the night and guaranteed to experiance some outragous sex that will make your pubics hairs stand up straight". (Oh yeah??!) Too different experiences, right? I would agree that many of the younger Bulgarians can speak some English, especially in the tourist resorts (I can’t speak one word of Russian so have no idea about that) but I didn’t see any Bulgarian freelancers either in GS or Varna. As to being eaten alive by Bulgarian babes if you’re an American/foreigner etc I didn’t see any evidence of this. In my brief one week experience it was hard to tell if non-pro Bulgarian girls are "wary of foreigners". They will generally NOT approach you and may appear not interested, but this might be because they are reserved and not flirtatious by nature. Bulgarians are not jokey, extroverted, outgoing people with strangers. Even in the resort hotels and restaurants etc I found the regular Bulgarian girls working there to be not so friendly or approachable. Taxi drivers told me this attitude was because of the general economic situation (or perhaps a legacy from the communist years?). "Frank" and others have suggested that many beautiful and sexy young non-pros can be found in the discos in nearby Varna, and that is DEFINITELY true (you won’t know which way to look if you go there), but I question how easy they are to pick up for foreigners and what their intentions are in going to these discos. In Varna there are dozens and dozens of packed beach-side bars and discos (but only in summer season), and the streets outside them are filled with young male and female Bulgarians cruising in groups and pairs every night of the week until morning. It's quite amazing to see. All the taxi drivers know where they are. I asked around and was recommended one of these "beach discotheques" called "Extravaganza". Sure enough, a nice place with fountains etc directly on the beach and some beautiful, sexy babes inside, BUT is this a pick-up joint?? I asked around many times but it was hard to get a definitive answer. Some locals told me "I don’t know".

It can be difficult to get this kind of information in Bulgaria, they are not big on information giving. I didn't see any single girls in this disco, and no eye contact or suggestive smiles. All the girls I saw in there were with groups of friends, in pairs or in the company of young Bulgarian males, just hanging out with their friends and generally ignoring everyone else. In my experience it can be difficult for a single man to approach regular girls in pairs in discos since the other would be left alone. Also, as is the case in most other countries, discos are the stomping ground of the 18-30 crowd and I’m in my 40s, so I did feel a bit age-conscious in these discos but noticed a couple of other fortysomething guys but they were Bulgarians with GFs attached. As it was difficult to approach groups or find a single girl on her own I went into another disco and found more or less the same situation. It seemed to me not a singles scene. If it is, then I've missed something. The hookers in Magura told me that local girls go there to dance, drink, smoke and hang out with their friends, NOT to find a man to fuck, and most of them are not interested in tourists because they are here today and gone tomorrow, so they prefer to look for Bulgarian boyfriends as a regular fuck. Who knows??

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If anyone (apart from Frank, who is also a Bulgarian and claims to have had much success in these places) has scored with any of these regular non-pro girls (admittedly beautiful and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better quality than the hookers) I'd like to read about it. "Bulgarian men are aggressive when you show interest towards a bulgarian (non-working) girl. It seems not good accepted". I didn’t experience this, maybe because I don’t approach accompanied women or those in groups with guys. Of course they’re going to resent an outsider pissing on their lamp-post, any guy would. All I can say is that talking to Bulgarian guys about their women and showing an interest in them I had no problems with this (whatever their private thoughts). 6. The beauty of Bulgarian women: "The girls are, I think, exceptionally lovely for Balkan women. There is a lot of Turkish blood apparent, they tend to have straight, dark hair and almond eyes, thin and tall with gorgeous long legs. There are also blondes (blondinkas) with green eyes and curly hair". I would agree 100%. You will have read on this board that "Bulgarian girls are often very pretty". I would go one step further and add that they are often GORGEOUS/STUNNING. In general Bulgarian girls are very slim, have great figures, small tight asses, like to wear miniskirts to show off their wonderful shapely legs and have beautiful slightly tanned skin tones with very pretty Balkan/Slavic features. There are golden blondes, brunettes even redheads. If you are a leg and miniskirt connoisseur, Bulgaria will be a visual paradise for you. Everywhere you look and go you will see stunners. They can be slim, sexy and attractive even into their late 30s. But NOT the hookers.

Again, the hookers I saw in Golden Sands look and act like hookers and are definitely more than a few rungs down on the local looks scale, which is probably why they are hookers and why I generally prefer to try regular girls first wherever I go. There are many pretty girls on the streets of Varna in the daytime, but how & where to meet them or how they would respond to being approached on the street I have no idea, I wasn't there long enough. In some countries it's OK even expected but in others it can be an invitation to a slap in the face and I read one posting on this site that it's considered an insult in Bulgaria for a western guy to approach a local woman in this way. There are also many pretty regular girls working in the hotels in Golden Sands area e.g. reception staff, waitresses etc but again although I found them to be pleasant enough they also appeared generally rather serious, unsmiling, businesslike and not so friendly, chatty or approachable. Perhaps they all think that tourists are here today and gone tomorrow and not worth bothering about. Based on what I saw and experienced, I would say that if you think Bulgarian girls are going to fall at your feet or show interest because you're a foreigner (and unless you’re young and unusually good looking), you're likely to be disappointed. Which is a pity, because some of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in my life (and I've been to 50+ countries) are in Bulgaria.

I will never forget one Miss Bulgaria-standard girl getting into my hotel elevator accompanied by someone who was old enough to be her father, but obviously wasn't by the way he was drooling over her. I was temporarily breathless descending 7 floors with this vision of loveliness standing next to me, and this was not an uncommon occurrence there. The number of times I've muttered to myself "jesusf.christ!" on encountering these beauties walking past in the streets or in the company of local men ... I lost count on the first day. Even on the minibus ride from Varna airport to the resort hotel which passed through Varna's main streets, the female guide sitting beside me commented on the slender beauty of the local women ("they diet every day") and the driver, on my left, added "They are our national treasure". I would certainly agree. I also met some working Russians in the Varna/GS clubs who could also be described as very pretty, but I would give Bulgarian girls the edge over these, they really are extraordinary beautiful. Lucky guys, then, Bulgarians like you Frank! To sum up, then, a very disappointing, expensive and frustrating one week sampling the local hooker scene. And all the more frustrating because there are so many drop-dead gorgeous regular girls in Bulgaria but who seem so unapproachable and unattainable ... sadly, for the hobby or casual tourist, this appears not to be a GFE destination. I got the impression that if you want to find a gorgeous non pro Bulgarian GF you need to be a regular visitor there or stay at least a couple of months, have money, patience and perseverance. But ohmygod what a prize if you can get one. If anyone had better luck with these regular girls I'd like to hear your experiences and tips. They were unforgettable.

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