Prostitution Report
from California

There is 2 MP I like to go to on western just north of Redondo Beach Blvd Both places have anywhere from 3-5 girls a night most of the time they are under 25, I have been 2 both places many times in the last few months sometimes they let me see & pick the girls sometimes they don't? I have not figured out the magic to have them show me the girls eachtime I go. Oh well, Time for details it cost 50 half hour Never pay more then a half hour they will try to get you to pay for longer service but when you blow your load your done, 30 Min is plenty of time mostly because these girls are hot and know what they are doing. I have goten FS at both places from $60-100 none would do anal One swallowed rare for asian girls. One let me cum on her pussy. Sorry only name I remember is sophia she is a cute asian but want $80 for FS.

There is a bunch of asian MP on Manchester blvd west of Lebrea in LA I have found some collage girls working in some of them. Stay away from MPs in Hollywood better off picking up girls on the strip from western to lebrea has been my best luck

About the Tanning places, someone wrote about sun tanning in Orange on Euclid and Bolsa the name of the place is Fantasy Tanning. There was 2 girls there last Saturday 5/13/00 one asian and one white, the asian girl looked burnt out and the white girl was chunky for my taste so I passed the real tip off on this place is that there prices to get in are the same as MP implies there is more going on then just tanning. On Euclid and Ball I found a sun's tanning but there prices was $5 20 min I kinda got the idea this was a legit place but maybe it was setup to look that way because of cops busting the tanning places so much there was a very cute 18-19 asian girl siting in the waiting room I was nervous because it did not give the look of a Prostitution house has anyone been there is there more to it then I think or was it really a tanning place? Best streets for picking up girls in orange and La is Orange: Harbor, Lincon, and beach LA: PCH, Figaroa, Sunset, Lincon, Adam, 7th street downtown and Long beach Blvd also Atlantic.

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