Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

The first time I dreamed of Cambodia was when I passed my Baccalaureat: in the same room where I was examinated in Chinese (we were 3 candidates in Paris in 1965) there was only one candidate in Khmer: a superb khmer girl. The second time was in 1974, I was going from SINGAPORE to COLOMBO and UTA French airlines had stops in SAIGON (with views over the bombs holes along the roads of Vietnam) and PHNOM PENH. We were not allowed to even go in the airport transit lounge and I had only the remembrance of the pagoda we see from the runway.It was probably one of the latest regular flights... there more air hostesses than clients! The third time was when reading Rockard descriptions and experiences. Accordingly, having a fortnight free, I decided to come to Cambodia for two weeks. Left Paris by AIR FRANCE on 14 May 19.00, some hours of transit in Don Muang connecting TG to PHNOM PENH to be on 15 may 17.30. Following your good infos friends, I had booked by Internet at GOLDEN GATE HOTEL (paid USD 30 for DELUXE ROOM with breakfast, free laundry and Airport pickup)( 6 nights) Good, well located and friendly hotel but AIRCON and decoration a little old. I chose it again for my last present 3 nights (to be noted COSYNA more modern has room on back side proposed at USD 25 when I went there; however I sticked in GOLDEN GATE where I had my habbits) So GOLDEN GATE chauffeur was waiting for me at Airport on 15 May.Also with your good infos, I booked with Internet car with very kind and good driver Sara Lay whose I also recommend warmly for his seriousness and availability and punctuality: ( As agreed through Internet he was at hotel at 20.00.

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My first visit was for SHARKYS: chicken legs with gingember... to introduce chick legs in bed further!! After this long trip I felt horny and congested to have soon a girl. As described by others a lot of old professional there. Finally a choose one who had a nice smile and took her ST back to GOLDEN GATE. In fact she was already mother and prettyly used by children (but it was my fault being to in hurry!) but however good fuck with her nice smile (USD 11 paid)I shall be short on my day visits of the city but will only recommend ny favorite restaurants: Khmer Surin; Baan Thai; Friends;Cafe Amok; Pho de Paris;Phnom Khiev

In this last one (near hotel, convenient for lunch)a servant had appetite for me, but it gave me the occasion to confirm Rockard view. Do not expect non pro in PP. I proposed her to come to visit Phnom Wat with me... she answered first... oh but with you and my mother. I said no. Next day I went there again for lunch. She said that she had thought during the night (!!!) and agreed to go alone with me... but only during week end as there is many people!!! Useless to say that I abandoned ( week end I was going to SIEM REAP) and maybe next day she would have agree to go on the spot... but it looked too long to come to a result... I did not see her agreeing to come to my hotel!

Each of my next 5 night around 10 pm I went to MARTINI Really superb place to pick girls. I found a very nice little khmer chick in 15 mn and brought her back: superb BJ and fuck . Her name is SAN (but not the same than WSA nember photographed (ST USD 11, in fact I always preferred ST in PP as sleeeping with heat is not so familiar to me and prefer to sleep alone except when true girlfriends) I wanted to take her the next day but did not find her. So I took another nice smile and body... but not as good and affectionate. I found SAN again the following night. However she was more in a hurry to leave me this second night so I decided to chose another chick for following night. I found a superb Viet: THOA ( Phone 012252238) excellent BJ and fuck. I took her a second time when back from SIEM REAP yesterday.

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When I arrived In SR I have fucked without stop every night during 6 days so ( at 57) I decided to give me a day off! I had booked by Internet in ROYAL CROWN HOTEL I warmly recommend (USD 35 with breakfast and give laundry next door for USD 1 for 1 kilo as they charge USD 1 per item). The merit is that interior design is very nice and recent ( was mentioned as such by LE ROUTARD guide) and it is close by foot of center of SR, bars and night club. SR has plenty of hotels scattered but few good near center. PASSAGIO might be also a good cheaper choice: they propsed me USD 20 for standard room or USD 30 for DELUXE.However no kingsize bed. And it can be more noisy as closer of SRnight club MARTINI S. For those who can afford, at 5 mn by foot of ROYAL CROWN: ANGKOR VILLAGE HOTEL is a superb pavilions architecture (I went there for USD 5 swimming pool)with ponds, flowers... USD 72 for room (suites more expensive)

I started to take a French speaking guide (from centre culturel francais just in front of ROYAL CROWN) and spent 3 days visiting temples. Of course it is relatively expensive: USD40 3 days pass; guide USD 20 per day plus USD 8 for tuck tuck. The last day I did not take the guide but wnt to farer temples with car: BANTEY SREI; RUOLOS and PHNOM KROM (from where superb view on TONLE SAP)

First night I just went to take a drink in close MARTINI S. Some old girls and also an active boy came to me but I said thank you. I observed younger girls without understanding more. Second night I went to ZANZIBAR. Mostly old girls, but one had a nice smile and small tits and I decided to take her ST. She wanted I take shower first, so I did. And she locked the door when her in shower! When in bed... I started to kiss her tits and she enjoyed but going downward, she confessed she was a lady boy!!! I discovered her small prick enjoing caresses. She proposed to be fucked, so I did, it was honestly good... but what a surprise. I wnted to pay her my usual USD 11 but refused strongly saying she preferred not to be paid and was leaving, saying she does not take less than USD 25. I told her standard rates and that I did not expect special lady boy. However wanting a compromise I added USD 5 and she said OK . A few mn later I observed she had left her key on my table. I thought to give it to receptionist and 5 mn later I decided to clothe me again to go downstairs. I went down... she was just after likely discussion with receptionist on the way to climb the stairs. When she saw me dressed coming to bring back key she was very happy and kissed me affectionately.

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So ZANZIBAR had been a mixed experience. Next night, I decided to pick a girl from MATINI S. Exceptionaly my idea was to use the kingsize bed fot LT. I found as other night a group of attractive girls near the entrance I selected a young one (around 20) asked her if she agreed to come with me , said OK. .. But when out of the door a mamasan came asking me USD20. I did not want to pay twice ( I am accustomed to mamasan in house but not to take away) or have the girl complaining for additional money. I said no and leaved. But the girl came behind me a few mn later said OK pay to me. I would have better confirmed my no in such circumstances, but beyond MARTINI S I had no clean alternative, so I took the girl, but my mood was not good and accordingly fuck not excellent, girl shy... to avoid annoyances I get rid of her and gave her the promised USD 20 even ST, but on the girl side she also expected 20 for ST... as English is not easily mutually understandable with khmer

In conclusion, I was disappointed by sex in SR. Go for the temples, but stick to PP if it is for sex.

Of course I might have try massage parlours that motorbike suggested at night. But I had been too wll served in PP to downgrade. For Cambodia, PP MARTINI remain the must.

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