Prostitution Report
from Canada

I spent 24 hours in Montreal on March 12 and 13th. Driving from New England I entered Montreal through VT.

Chez Dianne in Clarenceville arrived about 2pm. There is no cover charge during the day and the beer is cold. After ordering my beer I sat in one of the chairs looking around the room. There were about 8 ladies that I would rate 6-9 but no dancing. I was looking at this nice 19-20 year old the 9 when one of the other girls came up behind me and sat down at my table asking if she could join me. Disappointed because she was not the one I wanted I said yes. Didn’t have the heart to insult her and say no. She introduced herself as Marie. After about 10 minutes of small talk Marie asked me if I would like to join her in a booth. I inquired as to the cost and Marie stated it was 20 for a dance, 40 for a HJ, 60 for a covered BJ and 100 for a dance 1 song with a BJ and fuck for up to 3 additional songs, 4 songs total. I opted for the BJ I love BJ’s. We enter the booth, which is larger, then some of the other booths I have been in Montreal when Marie stated I could only touch one tit, she just had surgery on the other and it hurt. She then proceeded to giving me a fairly nice BJ. Overall the experience was well worth 60 Canadian, which equaled about 37 American.

Next stop was Bar 10-35 on the way to Montreal. This is a Lap Dance club only. No girls on stage, Girls ranged from 7-9. I opted for dances from I think her name was Kelly. The dances are 10 Canadian / song which equals about 7 dollars American. There are strict rules about these private dances. Bottoms stay on; Kelly let me break some of the rules. She was rubbing and grinding on me reaching down to grab me. She then kneeled down between my legs and started biting me through my pants, while my hands were rubbing her tits and roaming to her crotch. At first she kept stopping me from touching her crotch saying the bouncer makes rounds. The song ended and Kelly asked if I wanted another dance, which I accepted. This dance was better I was sucking on her tits and had my hand all over her ass. Half way through the song she turned around placed her face near the curtain looking for the bouncer and pulled her bottoms aside and let my hands wander. I placed my fingers near her cunt and started rubbing it trying to get some moisture to penetrate her with my finger.

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She reached between her legs, lined up two of my fingers with her shaved pussy and pushed them right in her moist box. Then she reached around and put her index finger in her ass 2 knuckles deep. We kept going for another song while she had her face against the curtain looking for the bouncer I inserted a 3rd digit. I spent the 3rd song with 3 fingers in her pussy watching her finger her ass. That was the last dance and Kelly let me know if I invited her to my room in Montreal later that evening I could put my dick wherever I wanted. I passed and ordered another beer. I got 2 more dances from different girls and they were both strictly by the rules. I left to go check into my room at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.

Next on the agenda was Private Lies, I called and asked who was working and after reading a number of reviews opted for Annie. Annie arrived on time and she is the typical girl next door as far as looks. Her service was fantastic. She explained her rules, which were minimal, no anal, 1st BJ can be with or without a condom. 2nd round will be covered. Annie went into the bathroom to freshen up and when she came out she asked me what I liked. I told her I like head, without a condom. I want to lay back and relax and be slowly serviced. She told me to lay back and before she started she told me to let her know if she was going to fast or to slow. Annie then started with a wet, tongue in mouth kiss, which lead to her running her tongue across my chest and stomach legs and balls. Then she looked me in the eyes and licked the head of my cock and slowly slid it into he mouth without losing eye contact. She gave me a slow wet BJ while looking into my eyes and being real graphic. It was great. I told her I was ready to lose it and she pumped me all over her tits. She got up, cleaned off and brought a hot facecloth out of the bathroom to clean me off. I was about 25 minutes into the session when without asking her she was back between my legs licking and sucking my balls. She ran her tongue right in the crease of my legs and balls slowly licking and kissing. On went the condom for another slow BJ and then she sat on and road me to a slow finish. This was by far the best time I have ever had with an SP. Cost was 150 for in call and 160 for an outcall. I gave Annie a 20-dollar tip and she refused saying I was embarrassing her. I insisted and slid it in her pocket as she was leaving. Their web site is

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Around 11pm I went to Teasers a contact club in Montreal. This was not as good as the first club I went to Bar 10-35. A lot of rules and all you can do is touch some tit and hug the girls. There were girls constantly on the stage and they ranged from 7-10’s.

After Teasers I was amazed at how I performed two times in an hour with Annie. At my age is a major accomplishment. It sucks getting old. I started in this hobby way to late in life. I called Les Filles Mr. Jacques. He suggested Vicky, she showed up looking nothing like I was told and if you seen her sitting at a table you would say a little chunky but not bad. Seeing her standing up is something else, what a fat ass, especially showing up at my door with red leather pants on that were two small for her. Her ass was huge. Her service sucked, she said I couldn’t cum in her mouth but she would give me an uncovered BJ. I asked her why are you on a diet? Well I slipped, ruined her diet, woops right in her mouth. All that protein her ass must be bigger now.

I woke up the next morning and went to Le Courtesans for breakfast; this is a diner located on St Catherine Street EST. About 4 miles outside the center of Montreal. The waitress wears short skirts on with no underwear. As they move you get flashes of beaver. They have their tits hanging out of these tops that are shear vests that that covers there backs and arms but not enough material to cover there tits. The food was good and inexpensive, the waitress rate about a 6-7 in looks. Not bad for breakfast while waiting for the clubs to open at noon or one.

Time to go back home. Just one more stop before the US border. Erotica. I have read good and bad about this place. I stopped in and there were about 8 girls working rating about 5-9. I picked a girl in her early 20’s for a BJ, Cost was 80 for 3 songs. BJ was excellent. Instead of getting between my legs on the floor she took all her cloths off stood beside my right shoulder bent over so her cunt was near my face and gave me an excellent covered blowjob. She new when I was ready to pop and she took it deep throat. All the way down and she stayed down on it bouncing her head just a little about 15 times. An excellent BJ.

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