Prostitution Report
from Chile

Internet Escorts. I contacted Stephanie at before I left the US. She has a Web site that includes girls for escort at the "gold" and "silver" level. Some of the Web pages are in perfectly written English and my E-mail with her was always in English. When I arrived in Santiago, I called her. It took a day and a half for her to respond and that was only after I sent an E-mail through the hotel. When she finally called, I learned that she speaks no English (?). Obviously, this complicated things for me. I contacted her again a few days later. My 2 initial choices were either unavailable or out of town. We managed to agree on a third choice. She came to the hotel and was OK--slim, attractive, and pleasant and bore some resemblance to her photo on the Web site. Cost was $120. There are a number of other services like this that are on the Internet but seemed to have the most choice. Keep in mind that it will be a problem to communicate if you don't speak Spanish. The local newspapers advertise these sites in the "sauna" section.

Nightclubs/boites. Lucas Bar was the best for me. A large, multi-level '70s-era disco-style club, Lucas Bar has at times 100-150 girls. The biggest nights are Wednesday through Friday. Most of the girls are young, attractive, and sexy and some are really exceptional. Most do not speak English. Cost for a drink is about $15. A drink for a girl is the same. If you want to leave the club with a girl, you must buy her 2 drinks PLUS pay the exit fee ("la salida") which is another $75. The girls negotiate their own prices which generally run in the $100 to $200 range.

The first time I was at Lucas, I made a deal with a girl to come to my hotel the next day, skipping the exit fee and paying her $100. She was quite attractive, 25 years old, with a great body. My only complaint was that she showed up at the hotel (where it's required that she register with an identity card)very poorly dressed. Since I was staying at a high-end hotel, it was a little embarrassing.

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I went several more times to Lucas Bar. The next girl I picked up was in her mid-30s, attractive, very sexy, spoke several languages, held a university degree, and ran a small business of her own. We had great chemistry and I paid to leave the club with her plus her fee of $150 for the night. I don't regret the cost. It turned out to be one of the best experiences I've ever had. She's not a typical Lucas Bar habitue, but you never know when and were you'll be surprised.

I would recommend Lucas Bar for the sheer selection of girls. You can always try and make your own deals for another day and time. Surprisingly, I did make another deal with a girl for the next day and she never called or showed up.My Place was not to my liking. The girls weren't much to look at and within seconds of my ordering a drink, someone plopped herself down next to me and started chattering away. I left.Fabiano Rossi is a dive. They had some of the least attractive women I've ever seen. There was one exception and I wasted good money buying her fake drinks at $10 or $15 each. When I inquired what her exit fee was, it took 5 minutes before someone came back with a price that was around $100 or $175. I left.

Champagne Bar is one of the more upscale establishments. The women are very attractive, sexy, and relatively sophisticated. But it's much smaller than Lucas Bar and even more expensive. Girls will generally ask for $300, plus the exit fee of about $75 or $100. Frankly, I found the choice of girls at Lucas Bar more appealing.Santiago has quite a few of these clubs. You'll have plenty to choose from. There are less expensive options in the saunas, but not speaking Spanish, it was difficult for me to investigate these since they don't advertise except in 1-line classified ads.

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