Prostitution Report
from China

I am new to the WSA … and was quite pleasantly surprised (perhaps I shouldn’t be) that such a list exists. I have been traveling to the Pacific Rim since 1989 CE, and have always enjoyed the local *fawna*, from Korea through China & down to Indonesia.

Like many companies who import goods from southern China the factory group I work with is based in Dong Guan City in Guangdong province. I haven’t had the chance (yet) to peruse the other cities mentioned on the various threads here, but have had no real issues with fully enjoying what Dong Guan City has to offer.

Luckily I work with Taiwanese partners, who are familiar with both the locals, as well as the nightlife. And obviously this is a big plus, because they know where to go, and usually have other contacts with various business partners, as well as suppliers that also have – sometimes – extensive relationships with Madams, clubs, etc. And as a direct result I’ve had some really great experiences with some dynamite ladies.

Unlike many of the experiences described on WSA, vary rarely do I cruise the bars and pubs, but have concentrated my focus on the KTV’s & the *special hotels*, which provide – obviously - special services (I was turned on to these hotels by my Taiwanese partners, which are cheaper than the Club girls: 400RMB verses 1000RMB for the club girls).

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The Clubs: -The clubs are obviously fun because there’s a party atmosphere; drinking, singing, & general horseplay. And the girl (or girls) will then come to your hotel room and usually (if not always) spend the entire night – and there’s usually no limit to how many times you can have sex. The going rate as of August 2003 CE: 1000RMB per girl.

The Special Hotels: -These look like real hotels from the outside (and I’m sure they are to a certain extent), but have rooms you can rent by the hour (usually 2 hours) for about 100RMB per hour. I always go with my Taiwanese partners because my Chinese really sucks (literally) …plus they can negotiate price/situation in the native language, as well as help you to communicate your *desires* to the ladies more clearly.

The fun thing about the above noted establishments is you’d usually start off in the shower; move to the bed, then back to the shower. My shower experiences have always reminded me of experiences described by Rock Stars getting wash downs, etc. after a show by the groupies. I usually get two because their cheap, and I then become the human *white meat* sandwich between 2 yellow buns. Lot’s of fun …

These places also have surprisingly good *safe sex* practices, no oral sex without a condom, etc. Going rates as of August 2003 CE – 200RMB for the room (2 hrs) and 400 RMB per girl.

I’ve included a few pictorial highlights - in separate posts - from the past to give you all an idea of the fun one can have in Dong Guan. Enjoy & thanks to the Admin for providing this outlet for interested hobbyist. [All photos are girls I’ve taken back from various nightclubs.]

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