Prostitution Report
from Colorado

Colorado Springs - Tried three MP's all oriental and all fs, bj, bbbj, etc. Jan to March 2001.

Thai place on Cirlce Drive, take the first left and continue back from the gas station. On the second floor of an office building, look for a blue sign on the side of the building, something Aerospace or Technology. Really good service and consistant beautiful girls. Have had Thai, Korean, Philippine, Black American and Cocasion at this place, all good. The Filipino was the best literally creamed herself twice if not three times while I ate her tight little pussy. Went to this place several times. Young Korean works on Saturdays, daytime only, is exceptionally beautiful and fantastic service. Full service was always with condom, but for about $120 could get bbbj cum in their face and on their titties etc.

Japanese right on the corner next to the Conoco where you turn for the above mentioned MP. Good service but not much selection, older oriental women.Koren place out on Black Forest Road. Older women but good service and massage.All places were about $200 for full service, usually more than an hour for full service.Did look into the above mentioned website, previous post, but was not interested enough to try them out, seemed over priced and time consumming, make an appointment days in advance. Usually my schedule would not permit that type of scheduling, at least not for me.

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