Prostitution Report
from Connecticut

Just got back from one of my favorite spots, Ginja Spa in Stamford CT. This time I saw "PB", that's what she said her name was. She is a 24 year old Korean lady who is very beautiful. She has long wavy brown (died) hair. She's about 5'5" tall and about 110 pounds, I'd guess her chest to be around a 34C, nice and perky.

I had the requisite tableshower which was relaxing and not especially erotic but not that detached either. She kept telling me what a nice body I had and that I was a handsome man. :-) We went back to the room with the massage table and she proceeded to give me a good medium strength back massage. Towards the end of this she started rubbing the insides of my thighs and tickling my ass with her finger nails. I turned over and she briefly massaged my quads. She asked me if I wanted anything else and I said everything. We settled on terms and she left briefly and then returned with her supplies. She had me turn on my stomach and started licking me from toe to head, very softly and nicely. It seems all the ginja girls do this, which I like. SHe gently spread my thighs and ass and started licking my ass, NICE. She didn't get all deep or anything but it was very exciting having this cute little thing licking me there. I turned over and she paid special aattention to my balls and then started blowing me and applied the condom with her mouth. She took me in her mouth slowly and made all the right moans. She did this for a while and then mounted me.

it was great to see those perky tits bounce. SHe pulled me up towards her and we ocked in sitting position for a while. We turned over into missionary and she started grabbing my ass. I enjoyed this very much and started pumping her harder. She was moaning and gasping and I was starting to get loud. She began caressing my balls and I lost it very loudly and just kept banging her though my orgasm. She covered my mouth and said I was too loud but liked that I enjoyed it. SHe was nice in that she let me kinger inside her for a while and didn't kick me out right away. She cleaned me up and dressed me.

Very nice experience, I will definately look for PB when I go back.

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