Prostitution Report
from Costa Rica

This is my trip report with a bit of info on touring the country as well as the women.I have read a few accounts that there is very little to do in San Jose.However the coutry as a whole has a lot to offer.I arrived on Thursday and my first stop for women was New Fantasy Massage(near Ave.9 and Calle9) with a very small sign you have to look for.There were always 10 to 15 girls or more when I went there several times during my 11 day stay with a handful fairly good looking( 5-8).The fee was 14000 col. for 1 hr. and 8000col for half hour.THe first day Iwent for the hour,but after that I took the half hour and gave the girl about 2000Col.I always got good enthusiastic full sevice.It was a great place for the budget and was nice clean and secure I had one unfortunate experience during my stay on the first night.

I was coming out of a rip off strip club about 4 or 5 blocks north of the gringo gulch area.I had too many cevezas and was feeling bullet proof thinking I could walk back to the gulch area I didn't take a taxi being cheap.Anyway I was mugged by 2 guys.One took me down from behind by the neck while the outher stripped my pockets and they were gone.I wasn't hurt and only lost about $30 I and left in my pockets and my drivers license which was the only ID I had on my person.Needless to say,I caught the first taxi I saw and used the $10 the theives missed to go towards my cab fare.As a result of this incident I couldn't rent a car which I had on hod for a week of my trip.

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I discvered the coutry has a great bus system with express buses going to many parts of the coutry very cheap.I saved $300 on the rental car using the bus system.I traveled all over the coutry going to both coasts and only spent 2 nights away from San Jose where the action is.One of those nights was at Jaco which has great action of its own,More later.Traveled from Quepose to Cahuita spending the night in San Jose in route for less than $10 ( about 7 hours bus travel) My first stop after San Jose was Jaco on Monday night.The sunsets there was awesome that day and I have read they have good sunsets there.The beatle bar was also awesome and the numbers were great for the guys.I picked a hot dar chick from Dominican Rep. for $50 short time with minimal negotiation.Myhotel didn't allow chicks so she took me to here apartment.It went fine she was really hot and I gave here a tip.Ther wasn't a lot of outher local bar action being Monday but the Beatle bar was great. My next stop was Quepos and Manuel Antonio.I didn't look for action,Needed a day break after 4 days chasing women in San Jose and Jaco.The national park is great if youloke the outdoors and want to see some of the native wildlife.I saw about 15 or 20 whit faced monkeys on mtmy way out of the park late Tuesday morning,some as close as 5 feet.Quepose was a nice town with lots of Gringos and there may be some action ther I just didn't look.

It woul be good to know on my next trip anyone knows where it is. My outher adventures in San Jose.I picked up 3 or 4 women from Del Ray and neve paid more than $50 for an hour or 2.The service was always good ,though one was rather rushed.The best I had was a 32 year old cute small blonde from Coumbia.She said she ussually worked in La Fortuna,which is a good sized town near Arenal Volcano which is a great site to see at night.There is a mini-eruption every hour or so and you can see the lava running down the mountain.I would be interested to know if anyone knows where some action is there as I may want to go there overnight next trip. Anouther interesting spot for a bargain is La Bella Mansion which is a nicer tico strip bar,Best if you speak some spainish though twice when I was there there was a tico who spoke english and helped us gringo's along with the system.They had a stip dance every once in a while not real often but beer was cheap.The final dance about 12:30 or so was a live girl on girl sex show where they got down and eat each outhers pussy.It was farily hot.The fee was 1600 col. for 1 hour and 8000 col. for half hour with clean room.I had one of the chicks from the show afterwards on my last night.She was fine looking from Nicaragua and was outstanding ,certainly one of the best of the trip for only about $20.I feel like I did faily well for a first timer.I have found a wealth of good info. on this site ,thanks guys. Keep up the good work. Home base most of my time was Hotel Presidente.I had a mini-studio only $40 with WSA discount.No fee for chicks as reported on this site thanks to whoever posted info on location.My next stop is North coast of Dominican Republic.I will start at Black Beards but will get out to see outher areas.

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