Prostitution Report
from Cote d'Ivoire

I arrived in Abidjan, Cote D' Ivore after 18 hours of flying time from Atlanta via Paris. I was here only to be processed for a Nigerian work visa and would be here two days to do so. Air France lost my bag but I had a carry on with 3 days of clothes inside so I was set. I was met at the airport by an member of the shipping agency used by my company and escorted to a hotel. I arrived around 9:00 PM at the Hotel Palm Beach. After a long trip I was interested in sleep but when we pulled up to the gate at the entrance to the hotel there were 3 very pretty girls, dressed to kill obviously doing what a fellow monger would be interested in. The language here is French but the agent who was driving me spoke English so I asked him if the hotel permitted this type of activity.

He replied that it was no problem but, they could not come inside unless invited. At this point the fact that I was sleepy no longer mattered. I asked how much did the girls usually charge and he said $10 or $15 for all night. Well I am certainly not tired now. I checked into the hotel and when I received my key the agent asked if I would like for him to set it up for me with the girl of my choice as I speak no French. I said sure and have yet to go to my room. We walk to the front gate and he asked which girl I want. It was a hard decision as all three were gorgeous. Jimmydr would have been in heaven. I finally settle on a girl named "Mary". 21 years old, built incredibly with a set of about 36 C cup tits and a small waist with an ass that you could almost sit your drink on, wearing a pair of tight white pants and a blue top that did nothing but enhance those fine tits she had. A very light skinned black girl but with natural blonde hair and green eyes. I guess the French blood here does that. When we got to my room I asked "do you speak English" and she replied "yes". Cool a fine girl, very cheap and she speaks English.

I told "Mary" that I needed to take a shower as I had been traveling for a long time and then I leaned over and kissed her. She responded with a deep French kiss and grabbed my crotch. I did a beeline for the shower and showered and shaved in about 3 minutes. When I returned from the bathroom she was on the bed completely naked. I dived in and she kissed me and went to the shower for a minute or two. She came back out and began to give a killer BBBJ in which she finished by tit fucking me as I exploded all over those perfect hooters. This would have been a great "Kodak Moment" but I was not armed with a digital camera as I was told not to bring anything of value into Nigeria.

After our 1st sex session which, lasted maybe 5 minutes Mary got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself and brush her teeth. She came back out and we picked up where we left off. It was not long before I was off to the races again. This time it lasted for a little while. I finished for the 2nd time of the evening and she returned to the bathroom to clean herself again. It seems that the girls from the Ivory Coast are very clean. We got dressed and went to the bar. This girl treated me like her boyfriend while we sat at the bar and talked. There was another pretty girl tending the bar who understood some Spanish but very little English so I got to practice my Costa Rican, Mexican, DR Spanish on her. Mary did some translating for me when she could not understand the Spanish. After about an hour at the bar we went back to the room. Mary takes off her clothes and gets right up next to me in the bed and before long here we go again. I manage to finish # 3 for the evening and we shower together and go to sleep. This pretty girl slept in my arms all night long and then gave me another session of very good sex in the morning before saying goodbye. The African men treat the women terrible and with these girls it is like they want a boyfriend for the evening. This was not at all like being with a prostitute and for $15 it didn't cost like one either.

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Abidjan is not like other parts of Africa where you hear all of the bad stories, it is a big modern city with lots of very pretty women. I could easily live here. It is as modern as any of the other foreign cities that us mongers go to but much cheaper. It's in a location where you would have to be going to some other part of the world for a stopover but worth a look if you are ever in the area.

After Mary left around 8:00 AM, I went down and had breakfast. Around 10:00 the agent came over and we went to do what paperwork was necessary then he returned me to the hotel around 1:30 PM. Still not sure of my departure plans I figured I would try to find some action for the afternoon in case I had to leave. I walked around by the gate but nothing, then went to the pool and sat down and ordered a beer. There were about 5 or 6 pretty girls around the pool in bikini's but after some eye contact I finally decided that they were just guests in the hotel and not interested in a quick afternoon sex session with a gringo from South Texas. I found 2 white girls from Morroco which, I later found out were working girls but seemed to keep it low in the daytime so I went to the gate and asked the guard with his small English and my 5 words of French if he could find me some action. I gave him $5 and he asked "what room". I told him and he replied "10 minutes". I went to the cabana bar by the pool and had a beer then went to my room. When I got to my room there was a girl named "Jenny" standing at the door waiting for me. She was O.K. not as pretty as Mary but would do. I asked how much and she said $10. For this I wasn't about to bargain (Jimmydr would have got her down to $7) but I went for it. Again another BBBJ and a good afternoon sex session. I have been laid 5 times for $25 + $10 in tips so we still aren't doing bad. I'm averaging $7 a shot, tips included. On top of that Air France gave me 75,000.Francs (about $115 USD) for my lost bag so I am getting laid courtesy of the French Airline Company.

After Jenny left I took a nap just in case I had to fly later in the day. Around 6:00 PM the agent called and said I would be flying at 1:30 PM the next day. This was fine with me. If I had to stay there a month it was O.K. Getting paid, the company paying for the hotel and food and averaging $7 a shot for banging good looking girls. At least something good was coming from this trip that I was told would be so bad.

Around 8:00 PM I took a shower and cleaned up, then walked to the gate to see if "Mary" had come out yet. Had she been there my plans for the evening would have been very clear but it was raining slightly so none of the girls were there. I left and went to the bar where there were a few fellow Americans and we had a couple of beers and told stories of foreign ports and NFL football games. A couple of guys here were from Houston and we were talking about how happy we were going to be to finally have a pro football team in Texas when the Houston Texans make their debut (my apologies to any Dallas Cowboy's fans but they have let us down in the past few seasons. lol).

I noticed a pretty girl sitting by herself at the bar and 2 bartenders tonight. Since they did not allow the working girls in the hotel alone it was hard to figure who she was but, I assumed she was a friend of one of the bartenders and had come in to visit with them. She had been sitting at the bar for a while alone and had a coke only. I sat down beside her and found that she did speak passable English. We talked for a while and I bought her a beer. I still did not know if she was working or not but she seemed awful friendly. I figured this was my last night so I would go for it and if a got slapped then so be it. I put my hand on her leg and then leaned over and kissed her. She responded, not too enthusiastically but with a little success. By now the rain has stopped so I tell her I need to go to my room for a second and I will be right back. I went back out to the gate to look for Mary one more time but she was not there. There were a couple of cute young girls out though so I figure if this thing at the bar doesn't work I at least have an ace in the hole.

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I return to the bar and this girl whose name is "Bridgett" is waiting for me smiling. I didn't want to waste the evening since I knew that there was action to be had so I asked her if she wanted to walk outside with me. She said yes so we walked out to the beach. The beach here is really a jetty about 10 feet tall where the waves come crashing down. Once we get here I guess the mood of the ocean kicks in and she is now very responsive to my kissing. She runs her hand down the inside of my leg and I think "Bingo". I asked her if she could spend the night with me and she says yes. When I ask "how much" she shakes her head no as if to imply that she is not a working girl. I find out that she is a hairdresser, 24 years old, has one 3 year old girl at home and lives with her mom.

Bridgett stays with me all night and at this point it is hard for me to decide who is better between her and Mary. She treated me again like her boyfriend and in the morning after having sex 4 more times she leaves. No money involved, I ask her if she needs taxi fare home and she says she lives very close and leaves her phone # and asked me to call her when I come back to Abidjan. Before this my future plans probably did not include the Ivory Coast but I think they might as of now. I was there 2 days, with pay, the company paid for the hotel and all food and drinks even the girl's drinks. I got laid 9 times and spent $35. I don't know how you could spend very much money here and the women are absolutely beautiful.

Around 10:00 AM the agent comes for me and we go to the airport. I am scheduled to depart at 1:30 PM on Cameroon Airlines for Lagos, Nigeria. This part of the report I will continue in the Nigeria section. I am the only white face on a plane of about 125 passengers but I am treated fine.

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