Prostitution Report
from Cuba

I have enjoyed posting some short reports over the past few years. Here is a more extensive report on my recent trip to Cuba. This trip was in January 2004. I was with Pelon and also saw El Guajolote (Turkey? Cubans said it is not exactly the same as Pavo?). I hope I did not drive Pelon crazy. He is a wonderful guy and a good friend. Obviously, things change quickly in Cuba and I have not been there in the past week, so what is happening right now I can only guess.

You can still get in via Cancun, but be careful! The country has changed a great deal since my last visit. I have been to Havana, as well as Santa Clara, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Pinar del Rio and a number of other places. I was not able to go to eastern Cuba. I’m American and speak some Spanish. Generally speaking, the hassle factor was high. There are fewer girls available. The girls available are more professional. Everything was much harder.We did some fun things. We went to a dude ranch one day and that was nice. Pocahontus went with Pelon and she stole the show. We also took a boat out. Nobody bothered us. Some girls said that outside of Havana everything is easier—others said the exact opposite!For the first few days, I stayed mostly in my casa entertaining. Pelon found the casa, which is near the Hotel Presidente. It is wonderful to spend time inside with one (or two or even three) beautiful Cubanas. The casa had strict rules about visitors. Nevertheless, I had a good time some of the time. I promised myself I would stay with one girl for a while and get to know her, but I could not resist looking for new chicas. This had a bad effect on Pelon, who was trying to be good.

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The bad news: our playground continues to be disrupted. Things may be better than before, but they are not good. By pressurizing casas, the government indirectly hits at us. When I ventured out, I saw that the "crackdown" is certainly real. The crackdown in progress now is apparently partially “drug related”. Two tourists recently died of drug overdoses. A news crew from the Miami Herald photographed drug dealing inside a disco. But who knows what they are trying to accomplish?There are “rockeros” who have a subculture which includes selling drugs. They gather on 23rd street and avenida de los presidentes in the evening. I asked a Cuban to bring me some of the rockeras and he said it was impossible; rockeras did not go with tourists. Why? Their boyfriends had money from selling drugs. They are cute, those rockeras!

But the changes go far beyond just drugs. The police are closing down discos and raiding houses all over Cuba. Even entire streets. The government is not directly targeting us but their actions are making it extremely unpleasant for tourists. That was my impression. If a disco becomes popular, they close it down for “renovations”. Then it reopens in a less popular format.I’m really sorry that I missed Sman, Don Gringo and JB Claudius, because I’ve read their reports and really enjoyed them. I also really hope to meet other people posting here in Cuba sometime. Also some of the old-timers who do not seem to post much anymore such as Havanos, Little Alex, Qdo, Mariachi, Tropi, Papacito, Brubaker, Bisdell, ayepoppi, us2595, Yptoor, Cerveza, and especially the late lamented Cohiba. JimboJ---contact me—I need the photos you took that night we had dinner with Daniel7. Daniel7—go back to Cuba, chico! Ozz—I do not think you want to meet any of us. I do not know why.

All photos were taken with a digital camera, but only 1.3 mega pixels. I used medium resolution on the 1.3 mega pixel camera. The Italian next door had a 5.1 mega pixel camera! But he liked the ugliest girls. Ugly ugly. I thought he was insane. He gave them very little money and none unless they asked. I thought he was a nice enough guy but his attitudes were very foreign to me.

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