Prostitution Report
from Curacao

i just returned from a week in Curacao. I am relatively new to mongering having started my career two months ago going to the DR. I loved it there and my goal is to hit all the mongering great spots before my 54 year old body gives out.

First let me say Curacao is a one destination p4p place , that being the Mirage formerly known as Campo Allegre. I tried going to some of the big beach parties like Mambo beach. There was literally 1000 beautiful girls there. Unfortunately if you're not young , 20-30 you have no chance. I did not see any p4p action anywhere on the island. There are 2 other places called La Tasca and the red lion to pick up pro's. I was advised by the locals they were not safe and to stick to the mirage. the local girls are beautiful , mostly young with great bodies and classic faces but not very pomiscuitive with foreigners. Believe me i tried. I stayed at the marriot. I loved it there very upscale , right on a great beach. Be ready for sticker shock in Curacao. in sosua i ate great meals for $5.00 and took moto's fo .50 cents. here a short cabride is $10.00 and to the mirage is $20 only 15 minute drive. I was alone so the cabs where the most expensive part of my trip. Food will run you more to $20 for dinner at least. But the island does have it's plus side. Great diving, nice health club at the Marriot, good food, other activities, close to aruba.

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So my life that week consisted of hanging at the marriot beach, steam , hot jacuzzi in the health club, and some casino action at night. by 8.00pm i was off to the mirage.when you pull up you see a large walled in compound, with alot of security. you enter through a small hall get frisked and pay $3.00 fee. They have three shows a night. many locals come just for some free lap dances during the shows. the girls get raunchy, everything from dildo's to lesbian action , and customer interaction. Even the pro's cheer as the girls onstage get wild. The compound is big maybe 4 acres in size. there are 6 rows of what looks like row houses. they are tiny 10x12 cubicles where the girls live. Each room has a bed , a shower and a bath, and a tv turned to the porn channel. On my first night i talked one of the managers named Tito . I told him i would be writing this report and he was very helpful. I asked to take pictures but he said that was against policy. He said many of the girls had regular jobs even husbands who did not know why they were here and it was for there protection, the no photo rule. He said all the girls were from Columbia which suprised me. He said there were 175 girls there, but i only saw 75-100. he said times were lean since 9/11 and the goverment was not promoting Curacao as a travel destination. They have a contract to only use columbians because they are much friendlier then dominicans and such. I saw an average of about 75-100 guys per night. most where locals coming in for the free show or hoping for a cheap lay . I was told the locals could get it for about $20 where the tourists paid $28. The good news is there was only on average 15-25 tourists a night so i could have my pick of anyone i liked.

I came to really like the mirage, not fancy but functional. they had 2 bars, drinks about $3.00. they had a restaurant with good food inexpensive. Mostly i liked the unhurried no hassle atmosphere. In Sosua alot of girls would try and latch on to you especially after you did them. here the girls mostly wanderd arround or talked which each other outside there huts. they did not approach you but once you went up and said hola they were very nice. it waS A VERY LOW KEY EASY GOING PLACEwith 75-100 girls to choose from. I am very picky when it comes to looks an 8 is very good. I reserve 9-10 for models. i never gave anyone in pp or sosua more than an 8. on any given night i could have had my choice of maybe 10-17 solid eights. i'm talking white columbians, thin bodies with hair down to their ass, pretty faces bodies to die for, soft firm breats, asses small. I only wished i could have taken pictures for some of these girls were as good as anything i've seen posted here from any country. grant you there might have only been 10-12 out of 100 but how many girls can you do in a night. Everyday new ones arrived as they were only allowed to stay 3 months. I asked Tito why some of these girls came here. He said in Columbia even the pro's only averaged $100 a week and here they could take home $30,000 for three months. I would always negotiate the bbbj beforehand because if you don't the norm is with condom.

But if you insist they will do it at no extra charge. the only extra was anal which they wanted $100 for. i have never been to Columbia but i did not get the sense they were into anal and that is why the huge increase. I will say this i really liked the columbians better then the girls in Sosua. They seemed to really want to please you, did not hurry and wanted you to acheive orgasm. In fact one night when i tried to do two girls in one night and couldn't come on the second, i think she took it personally. she tried every position known to man and really went at it . i finally said no mas. Tito said his favorite was to get two girls in a room for some lesbian action and the jump in between and do both of them . Oh to be young again!. So once you where there and paid the cabs it was cheap. i found the girls much more skilled at bbbj then the Dominican's , they would really lick you're balls , shaft , and deep throat you. the girls ranged in age from 21- 35, but the nicest were the younger ones with only one kid. some have three, and i would question them before going with them. It made a big difference in their bodies when they took their clothes off. they would also go with you in the daytime if you provided the ride and maybe $50, but i never did. To take them home at night was $300, which i never did.

Why when you could have three different girls in one night for $84.00 something i physucally at my age wanted but could not do. The place rocks till 3pm and begins at 8pm, so you have time. I would go back to Mirage in a heartbeat. Compared to Sosua, i liked the girls better, but in sosua i liked the cheap food and cheap great massages. Curacao is more expensive except for the girls . Of course in Sosua i had girls for $15.00 but never 100 in one place of great quality with no salida. It would be best to have a buddy to split the cab fare, and other expenses in Curacao.

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