Prostitution Report
from Czech Republic

One thing is still true for sure: with more than one hundred each Privates and Escort Services in and 13 pages of sex-for-money-ads in “Annonce” Prague still offers the largest choice of commercial sex of all European cities!

And secondly the prices are still significantly below the level in Western Europe – although the gap has narrowed. One reason for that seems to be that authorities apparently tolerate prostitution and hence the mob is kept out: I never had a single instance with a “body guard” or a pimp involved – all the establishments seem to be run by women, who don’t give the impression to have links to the organized crime. Another reason might be that it’s relatively easy for women from the former Soviet Union to come to Czech Republic (compared to Western Europe). This keeps supply ample creating competition for the local incumbents – which in turn (as in all industries) ensures that service levels stay up and prices under control …

But enough of general talk – down to the details !

I prepared my visit to Prague by thorough research. For this I can only recommend two sources that already have been mentioned frequently on this board: and the classified-paper “Annonce”. There is little overlap between the two since they cover different “segments” of the market, but together they probably give a pretty complete picture of what is available.

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“Annonce” clearly aims at the “price conscious” customer and covers the price range of 1000-2000 CZK/h (and even below that – although I wouldn’t want to see the girls and experience the service at prices below 1000 CZK…). Here obviously trash and treasure are close together – with an emphasize on the former. Most girls don’t speak a Western language and even if, it is hard to understand the names of the streets. Than one has to go there, often call the Private from a mobile to make the girl come down and open the door. Furthermore the quality of girls and services varies a lot and one definitely needs some luck to find a pleasant experience. So it’s rather something for the more adventurous among us ;-)

As for, it covers the segment starting at 2.000 CZK/h and this probably rather complete: even establishments that have their own website still have an advert in So in my experience there is not much gained by doing additional cumbersome searches at Google or other search engines.

The first “encounter” I want to report was a girl a found thorough “Annonce”: Alena (Private in Zitomirska 36, Tel.: 608650389) a Moscowite in her mid-twenties. She a real cutie: blonde, petite, cuddly and the firmest butt I’ve squeezed in my life – just my taste … Sex was very nice as well: kissing, oral w/o, … and cost me 2000 CZK/h. The only problem was that the only western language she would speak was Spanish (of all …) but anyway, we found ways to communicate ;-)

This was just another evidence for my thesis that the most fun in Prague is to be had with GUS-girls – not the Czech ones. But this is easier said than done, since most establishments are reluctant to “admit” that their staff in Russian …

After this positive experience I didn’t dare to challenge my luck again with Annonce, so the following girls I all found via

Charlotta (ID 158371) is from the agency “Oral without Condom” (yes, it’s really called like that – check yourself in !). She was really into sex and seem to thoroughly enjoy the things I was doing to her – OK, maybe it was just acting, but who cares: better good acting than “honest” expression of discomfort and boredom! All in all it was a very nice and almost GF-like event for 100€.

The same positive attitude was shown by Katka (ID 292768): again very enthusiastic, no reluctance to kiss or being touched everywhere and in every way … (2.500 CZK + 300 CZK taxi).

I freely admit that the two ladies are not exactly the most beautiful in the world (although the pictures in are fair!) – but for my personally attitude is more important for a nice experience than looks. But here tastes might differ …

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A bit more on the professional side behaved Simonka (ID 885141) for 3.000 CZK + 400 CZK taxi). But what disturbed me more was the fact that in this case the pictures on where at best flattering if not from somebody else – she looked OK and not completely different, but not really as nice as the girl on the pics. But still – all in all – no bad time with her!

At least one time I wanted to check one of the “high-class” agencies at prices beyond 150€/h (and thereby reaching Western European levels). So I ordered Liliana (ID 197431 named “Melanie” there) from “Mon Cheri of Prague”. I have to admit that there was I significant difference: the lady was a real beauty and not only able to speak English very well but also keep the conversation going during the “recovery periods”- truly qualities of a professional escort. And that’s how the sex was: professional - not bad though. Was it worth the 50% premium? Only if beauty ranks high on your list of criteria!

One bad incident is probably unavoidable so here’s the story: I had come across the agency “Iris” and the Private “Dolce” which feature partially the same girls. When I e-mailed and called in advance (under different names) prices where 130€ for escort and 1.700 CZK at the private – that’s a difference of more factor two! Although I found this suspicious I found Michaela (on the pictures!) too hot to withstand! So I went to the private - actually the operate two flats: at Vinohradska 48 (Name “Blenda”) and Vinohradska 165 (19th floor, name “Szoudek”). When I arrived the price had increased to 1.800 (which of course is peanuts) but worse, Michaela had no resemblance whatsoever with the girl on the pictures: she was blond and had much smaller tits. Well, what shall I say: since the “new” Michaela looked kind of sweet as well, I gave it a shot. Next time I will try and think with my brain again – needless to say that the “exercise” that followed was not really worth reporting here …

As far as picking up “regular” girls in Prague I’m sceptical anyway: I Think Czech republic has developed too wealthy for that. And even if a girl looks for a “rich” guy: there are enough of them of Czech origin, who speak the language and offer a higher probability for a long-term sex-for-money contract (also sometimes called “marriage”) But I would really like to read reports that prove me wrong !!!

Nevertheless I had a look at the “famous” Solidni Nejistota (where I only found a bunch of foreign males), “Chateau Rouge” (which is really a pick-up place – but unfortunately rather for student-age folks) and the “Banana Bar” (where a go-go dancer entertained the small crowd)

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Since I know some people on this board are interested in the “Street Scene”, some words on that issue: on my recent visits the gypsy hookers where concentrated on the small street between Vaclavske Square and Old Town Square. By now police has probably chased them away from there with the effect that there are now cruising all over the Old Town at night, approaching every single male who doesn’t run fast enough (and they are good runners …) – this is a real nuisance! Besides that I noticed little street-action (but I wasn’t really looking for that anyway) – only at the embankment of the river (Old Town side) I noticed some working girls. Out of curiosity I asked one for the price which was at 1.600 CZK/h.

So that was my ‘programme’ in Prague this time. Maybe some “fringe”- information on top:

For accommodation I really can recommend “Mary’s Travel and Tourist Services” – it is REALLY just a travel agency, but a very professional one. They have a range of apartments for rent in the centre of Prague, which I found much more comfortable and flexible than staying in a hotel. You can look at pictures of the flats at their website:

They also arrange pick-up service which is comfortable and cheaper than taxi – by the way: avoid taxis in Prague, they are very expensive (same price as in Germany with everything else being at least 50% cheaper) and since the traffic in Prague is really congested don’t even save you time.

Of course staying in an apartment means you generally have no phone in there. If you have a mobile phone which operates in Europe that’s no problem: you can buy a pre-paid SIM-card from “Oskar” ( which in my case worked only a few hours after I’d bought it.

For eating I can recommend restaurant “Mucha” in Havelska ul. and a restaurant with a nice street-terrace at the end of “Parizska”street (almost at the river). Furthermore Hanavsky Pavillion on the other side of the river (near the monument with the swinging pointer), where you can enjoy a marvellous view of Prague.

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