Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

Ok, long overdue Newbie trip report. First of all, this report does not contain steamy experiences or erotic pictures. Plenty of other postings if you want that. This is more directed to the other newbies, more the shy and introvert types out there that are still trying to decide whether to do it or not. The basic answer is....of course DO IT!.

A little info about me. I am 56 in good shape, not really excited about traveling, even less excited about staying in a totally unknown place, and pretty damn nervous about a place where I don't know anyone and don't know the language. I am not a ladies man. I am traditionally an introvert. Even at 56 I have not been able to outgrow a certain shyness. I can meet women because I can dance. Take me away from a dancing situation and there is no way I can go into a bar and just strike up a conversation with a woman.

Two things I did that helped were to read a lot of postings on this site and study some Spanish. I can't fly directly to POP from here so I had to fly from Kansas City to Miami, stay the night and fly to POP the next day.Think next time I will try going through New York. Anyway, going through the airports for this timid traveler was a breeze. In POP they funnel you directly to the Visitor Card area, paid $10.00 and walked over to immigration (no line), went right through up to the place where they check you bags. A $5.00 bribe and I walked right through. Landing to being out in front of the airport was probably less than 1/2 hour. Blackbeards had someone waiting for me (all though it took me a little time to realize the name on the sign was not my name but my email name) and drove me directly to Blackbeards (about a 30 minute ride). John met me, showed me around, bought me a beer, and 15 minutes later I was up in my room with a 6 foot girl whose legs must have been at least 5 of those 6 feet, greatest smile and prettiest eyes I have seen.

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Now again I would like to iterate that I am not a ladies man. You can imagine how hard it is to try to strike up a conversation with a woman who speaks no English at all. But at Blackbeards that doesn't matter. Mercedes is always around to help translate although I don't think she knows as much English as you may think. At worst, you can signal a girl to come over and sit with you simply by pointing, point upstairs and she gets the idea. You don't have to talk price. The max they can charge is 1500 for a short time and 3000 for overnight. Blackbeards sets that limit and would want to hear of anyone charging more. Of course if you want to haggle, you could probably go for less. Now again, if any regular is reading this he is probably rolling his eyes but I am talking a newbie, timid and just wanting to hop in bed with as little stress as possible.

That brings up a point about the Blackbeards girls. For the most part, they will not come over and hassle you unless you motion them over. I appreciate that because I like to sit back and watch and make my choices when I want to. However, if you set there by yourself for too long, Blackbeards personnel will often stop to make sure everything is OK and if you need anything, but again, you won't be hassled by the girls unless you want to. They pretty much stand or sit around in groups or sometimes by themselves at tables. They may eye you and try to get eye contact but will not come over and sit down unless you indicate them to do so.

The Blackbeards girls run the gammet of looks. I happen to be very picky so take that into account. It depends on your taste. Most average looking, some very nice and one that I saw I would consider a 9 ( I believe she took second in the bikini contest)....however....from what I heard she was a dud in bed. Note: Talk with other guys when you are there and find out who is good and who is not. Almost any guy that is there is super nice and more than willing to talk with you. I aggree with other posting statements that the girls are better looking than their pictures on the web. From what I saw, some girls from the out side could be knock down georgeous but you have to go looking for them. Again, girls from the outside, you takes your chances (makes it fun for some guys, depends on you).....Girls from Blackbeards you can find out about and pretty much trust. Don't go expecting a lot of flat bellies unless you are willing to go out and look for them.

One more point about some of the Blackbeards girls and I don't know which ones are like this but I ended up staying the whole time with the first girl I went upstairs with. One night we went out to a Disco with a larger group of people and couple of rounds of beers were bought by someone (not sure who). But at one time the beer was running low and the girl I was with went up to the bar and ordered more and when it came, paid for it out of her own pocket. How often do you see that!!

Now being my timid self, I stayed around Blackbeards the whole time. Walked up and down the beach some but mainly hung around Blackbeards. This is to say, again, if you are a timid person, you can come here, relax have as much sex as you want and absolutely no stress. It was great! (.....maybe you could even grow a little and next time venture out into the world beyond Blackbeards!)

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Now some info.Learn some Spanish. No, you don't need it but sometimes just sitting with a girl and you looking off into space and she looking off into space, the time kind of drags. (You can't be in bed all the time...see next section) It is more fun trying to communicate even though sometimes kind of frustrating. Don't know how long it took to try to tell her that she had very smooth skin (God, did she have smooth skin!!!)

Don't be over confident about your sexual prowess. (My failing) With my limited sexual encounters, I have never had any problem so of course I didn't need any help (Viagra....) Once Sunday afternoon, once Sunday night, once Monday morning and I was done for the next two days. Not only physically, but once you can't get it up, mentally it ruins you for the rest of the time because you are always worrying about what is going to happen. I assume you younger guys probably don't have to worry about this but where is the line?

There seemed to be two groups, one group with guys that would look for quantity, some quality mattered, some it did not. Others stuck with one girl. Beware, sticking with one girl has its rewards but also has a big downside. Maybe the right way to approach this is the multiple girl, have a good time route and when you leave you smile back on the good times you had and laugh at the failures. For those that are lonely and looking for GFE, there is a danger in spending a week with the same girl. Falling asleep overnight with your arms around her or her arms around you. I am not just talking about the sex but the emotional ties that you start forming with her. Note: I am not saying she is forming emotional ties with you even though it may seem that way....she is a professional and don't forget it. Makes it very hard on you when you leave. You want to leave with great memories, not heartache. If you are a strong person emotionally, this won't be a problem. If you are a lonely person who stays mainly to himself, be careful.

The overall experience is kind of a danger. You come back here realizing that you don't have to put up with the stress and bullshit of dating women, 1,2 or 3 times a year you can get a girl friend for a week, unlimited sex, what ever you want. I don't know if this is bad or not but it sure seems like you can withdraw into your self only looking for that trip to DR. Kind of like getting hooked on drug, just looking for that next DR fix.

Will I go back?

When I was leaving, I said no way. I am still a little timid about this cab driver who I have been just transferred to from another cab driver (not sure why that happened) and my heart is breaking because I am leaving this wonderful girl (even though I couldn't really talk to her to get to know her) behind in these destitute conditions. After I get over this I won't put myself into a position of feeling this way again. Well.........two weeks later and I did get to the airport with no problems and I don't feel so heart broken now and maybe in another 4 months I can see her again or maybe even expand my universe by trying something outside of Blackbeards. There are guys such as George and Tomas that are more than willing (for a fee) to take you around.

Now for me it is not a simple case of just booking travel accommodations. Because of my work I have to fill out paper work when ever I leave the country so it is hard for me to secretly just fly to POP, not to mention the 4 day travel. Not only that, I have to fill out more paper work if I happen to socialize with a foreign national. I haven't learned the fine art of outright lying. However........As of tonight, I am planning on going back and maybe venturing outside of Blackbeards and......lying through my teeth about socializing with foreign nationals.

Again, for those that are timid, introverts, shy, ...etc., staying at Blackbeards can be very relaxing and stress free.

Note 1: I have a gorgeous photograph of the girl I was with but still am not totally over those emotionally ties enough that I would be willing to share it with you letches.

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