Prostitution Report
from Ecuador

I decided to spend a month in Ecuador. There's much more to this tiny country than it's sex scene, but of course since this is WSA that's about all I'll take time to address. I think this report will be long enough as it is. Let me first give thanks to ezy, ronaldmcdonald, and peace1 because my research began with the important info they've posted. I've always been interested in visiting this place and the discussion about whether Ecuador is loaded with busty women was the final straw .... I just had to check it out. So here I am. As usual, I opt to provide a lot of information as opposed to any pictures. We all have our own writing styles and this is how I choose to do it. Let's start with Quito.

There are several establishments of various price ranges in Quito. The quality is highly variable as well. The prices seem to have come up since previous posting and I'm not sure if it's due to inflation or what. Still, I found the prices to be pretty cheap .... though IMO the quality isn't as good as Brazil (truly, few places are). Yet there are many good looking women to be found and "pro" and girlfriend experiences are abundant. I will break down the establishments by price range:

LOW BUDGET -LAS DIOSAS (270 La Nina): This massage parlour (open 11AM - 9PM) is usually just called 270 La Nina and for good reason, because this is the address you need to look for if you want to find the place. The times I visited the place I usually found 5-6 ladies on premises. There's usually 1 or 2 that are pretty darn attracive. The others I found to be far below my standards (ugly, old &/or fat). The building looks like an abandoned crackhouse and I could never "get in the mood" in that surrounding, but $10 will get you a gal for 20 minutes or so. A beer is $2.

GUAFINA (1273 Diego de Almagro y Orellana) : is another massage parlour (11AM - 9PM) that's just around the corner from Las Diosas. Look for the address if you want to find it. They had about 7 gals there and I found the quality to be generally higher, though they did have 2 or 3 porkers. The building and rooms are in better condition than at Las Diosas. $15 for 20 mins with a gal. $2 for a gal. A good alternative if you don't like what you see on La Nina.ALL THESE OTHER PLACES ARE NIGHT-TIME ESTABLISHMENTS AND YOU SHOULDN'T THINK OF VISITING THEM UNTIL AROUND 9PM AT THE EARLIEST.

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K-LIBERATE (Diego de Vasquez #80) : this low-end place is a good 15 minute taxis ride to a northern suburb of Quito. When I arrived on a Thursday night there were about 12 ladies hanging about and about as many men. Most were just plain looking at best. Perhaps 2 could be considered attractive. There was this blonde Colombian chick who tried to hook up with me, but she was well past her prime. I had to decline. It's $10 for a gal for the usual 20 mins. $2 for a cerveza. It's not worth the $5 cab ride to get here. Go to the other ones instead. NOTE: I found myself out here because I was looking for Techo Rojo, the taxis driver couldn't find it. I was later told that it had closed down. Not sure if it's true but that's what I heard.

MID-RANGE -VIBRACIONE (Wilson 739 y Amazonas) : I visited the place a few times. I didn't find the quality to be that great. The girls put on a un-enthusiastic strip show. There's usually 6 - 7 ladies around. There was 1 black woman who was pretty and another blanca that had a nice body. The rest didn't do much for me. This place is hit and miss, but it's worth checking out. The owner is a really cool black Ecuadorian who doesn't speak a lick of English. He told me that he's opening another establishment on the corner of Diego de Almagro y Orellana (about across the street from Guafina) in about two months. $30 for 40 mins with a lady. Drinks about $3.

NIGHT CAT (on the round-a-bout where Amazonas & Orellana meet) : The first night I visited this place the selection was pitiful. About 8 old, ugly women. I had this old hag trying to hug up on me. I had to leave before I began to hurl. With encouragement from Peace1, I gave it another try on a different night and it was a totally different scene. That night there were at least 15 ladies and at least 8 of them were damn hot. I told one of the staff "Now this is what I wanted to see!" They had really good strip shows and in between people would get on the stage and dance. All the women here were blancas. There's one staff member there named Kevin who speaks English quite well and is of great assistance. About $35 for a lady for an hour or so. for entrance you have to pay $10 and that earns you two drinks. It's $5 more for every drink after that.

LOS ANOS LOCOS (corner of Joaquin Pinto y Reina Victoria) : as opposed to Night Cat, this caberet had mostly black ladies. Of the 8 gals there, 5 of them were black. And I must say that 4 of them were quite attractive. The 3 light-skinned gals there were fat and ugly IMO. One black gal with a killer body (nice ass/big breasts) came up and talked to me. She was already with a customer, but wanted to know if I wanted to hook up with one of the "sisters." Turned out she was from Esmeraldes, a beach town in north-western Ecuador. If you like your berries dark, this might be a place to check out. I didn't go with anyone that night but I may head back in a few nights. $30 for a gal for an hour or so. $3 for a drink.

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TOP END - ZEU'S (corner of JL Mera y Jorge Washington) : This place used to be called BANDINIS but the name has changed. It seems that the prices made a big change as well - for the expensive. There were about 12 gals there and I'd say overall the selection was pretty good. I didn't see any "knockouts" .... then again I didn't see any dogs either. The women were generally attractive. One really friendly staff member (who used to live in Chicago) introduced me to a really cute, 20 yr old blonde haired blanca from Colombia named Angel. We sat and talked for a while. She told me about how great Colombia was and how she loved to ride her motorcycle there. In fact, almsot all of the ladies working there were from Colombia. She was pretty cool, but seemed a bit inhibited for my taste. We watched the Playboy channel as we chatted and it seemed that almost everything she saw upset her. I did the math. Young + Attractive + Inhibited = a boring, unenthusiastic, round of sex with an inexperienced girl. When I asked her how much it cost to go upstairs she told me it was $100 ($20 for the room and $80 for her)! Why that's 5-15 prices! Maybe it's just me but I didn't think any of the women there were worth that; not even this cutie. I told her maybe later, but I had to go. She seemed surprised that I turned the offer down. Perhaps even ...... yes, perhaps even a bit disappointed. But I'm sure she got over it. The club is definitely worth checking out even though it may be a bit overpriced.

5-15 (it's best just to take a cab) : I found this to be the classiest (and priciest) club by far. It's $26 for a room and $80 for a gal for 40 mins or so. You pay $12 for the first two drinks and then $5 per after that. AFTER that you have the doorman, the maid, the lady who cleans the tables, and maybe a few other staff members bothering you for tips. Yes, it does get annoying. But I don't think of this place as a clip joint because the pricing is pretty clear cut and you don't have to tip anyone if you don't want to. The quality of the women far exceeded the quality of women in the other places I visited (Night Cat is a distant second). I went there on a Monday night and they had at least 14 women there. I considered 8 of them more than attrative and I wouldn't throw away the others. there were some really busty ladies there. Around 11PM they started the stripshow. Around that time a hot Colombian gal named Tamara and her friend came over to me and began to chat. I found out that her friend was from Guayaquil in south-western Ecuador. They were wanting to hook up with me, but I only wanted one gal so I waited until they went up to strip before I made my decision. Well, the Colombian was a good dancer and had nice, big breasts. Next her friend got on stage.

I have to say that she is, hands down, the best dancer I've ever seen! She must have been a professional dancer at some point because no one gets that good by accident. In my experience a woman that has moves on the dance floor will have moves in the sack as well. Not long after she finished her routine she came back out to the floor and I approached her. The minute she saw me moving her way she came up to me and started dancing with me. This gal (Gabi) loves to dance. She isn't drop dead gorgeous, but she has a sexy, sultry look about her. That's what I thought anyway, and after seeing her dance I simply had to be with her. We chatted for a while and eventually headed upstairs for the aforementioned prices. My instincts were right on and I had a very good round of sex.

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Actually I think I might have done too good of a job because afterwards she started talking about how we should get married and she insisted on knowing were I was staying and made me promise that I would come back the next night. Of course I gave her a false hotel and had no intentions of returning the next night but it was easier to just lie to her than to spoil the mood by telling her the ugly truth. I DO plan to visit 5-15 again and I may go with her again, though that probably wouldn't be a good idea. I think I'll try her Colombian friend or hell, anyone of the other cuties. This place is hardly cheap, but it has the quality of women that I'm used to shelling out money for.

REGULARS: When it comes to meeting regular gals, I've met chicks in restaurants, at some of the regular bars, and at the gym that I'm working out at while I'm here. Just pick a place and work your charms. The NO BAR is an especially popular place were local gals go to hook up with foreign men. I prefer to visit haunts further from "Gringo-land." Besides the obvious attributes of actually being attractive, another way to improve your chances with regulars is 1. You can speak spanish well, 2. They think you have money, 3. You are a good salsa dancer. These gals love to dance and if you can salsa you've got it made. I'm currently taking lessons.

BUSTY WOMEN: I have to admit that if you want to find a busty lady here in Ecuador you won't have to look very hard. They are generally MUCH bustier than Brazilians. But I also noticed that many of them have just a bit of flab around the mid-section. I find that to be a of a turn-off.Also I was told by a business woman that the average Ecuadorian only makes about $150 a month!! With that in mind you shouldn't feel too bad about giving a small tip for time to time. On the flip side, you have to assume that the ladies of 5-15 and Zeu's are making out like bandits! Though is it really much different from the high-class escort in the USA who charges $1500 for a hour?

SECURITY: I found Quito to be no more dangerous than your typical US city in the daytime. At night, there are parts of town you're best not walking around in. Specifically the old town and many of the suburbs. The new town isn't overly safe but I've walked all over the new town in the late hours of the night and (so far) I have had no problems.

I also spent some time in Quayaquil. It's a big, dirty, and dangerous city (esp at night). You don't want to be walking around anywhere at night by yourself after 11PM. The good news is that there are many, many hot women in this town. I met a handful of girlfriends-in-training and I was only there for two days. I didn't track down any massage parlours or the like, but if you want to meet up with hot women then go to El Jardin de Salsa. It's close to the bus station and is best reached by a taxis who'll likely try to charge you $5 even though it should only be about $2 at most. Unfortunately, taxis are the only efficient way to get around at night.

Well that's about all I can think of at this time. I still have a couple of weeks left in Quito and I'll spend that time seeing the sights, dancing to the music, and I'm sure I have a few more trips to 5-15, Night Cat, and a few other places left in me. Hope you find the report useful.

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