Prostitution Report
from Egypt

The following information will cover Egypt, Cairo&Hurghada/Damascus, Syria/ Beuirt, Lebanon/ Tunisia, Tunis.

Cairo, Egypt

The scene in Cairo in general is not so great for short time visitors. The best way is to rent a furnished apartment in places where toursits from gulf Arab countries usually are i.e. Mohandessein, Dokki, Shehab Street. This could be arranged through any of the rental offices scattered in these areas but you need Arabic Language to do that. Real estate brokers are usually unable to speak any oher language and if they do they tend to try to rip you off in the rent.

Try to hook up with an Egyptian friend..if not then thetaxi driver might be an option. The scene is generally safe. Howvere, there were reports of
girls placing sleeping bills in your drink and strip you of every thing while you are always be careful. Prostitues in Egypt are usally
of Poor quality and very few are considered 8's ...9 and 10 are extremely extremely do not expect much. Once you rent an apartment ..the minimum is usually a week, in summer it is usually 500 LE which is =$150. Girls will be coming and knocking at your door asking you if you need someone to wash for you your clothes..say Yes and go from there. NEVER PAY MORE THAN LE for all night. Everything is allowed upon request. Always assume that they are not clean and use protection all the way for everything.
Second option, is Five stars Hotels: Sheraton Heliopolis and Sheraton Cairo in the Bars inside. If a girl gives you an eye contact..go for it. Again no more than LE250. Hotel might harrass you for bringing thegirl to your room so, be discreet. Have her go after you by 5 or 10 minutes and give her your room number. No exchangeof money in advance and watch your valuables..!!!!

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2) Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

Russians, Russians, Russians..!!!. They dominates the market..very discreetly though because prostituionis illegal and some have been arrested
and jailed . . They are located in several places like Sindbad village Hotel, Four corners hotel, Four corners Impire hotel in down town, Meriette
hotel which is furnished studios. Also, in Discos and in Hurghada bowling center. Always go late after 9PM. You can stay in Sindbad which has disco famous for this. They come in chartered trips under the cover of tourisem for two weeks and they leave right after. Standard rate is around $100 per night. or 30$per hour. She comes to your room , give her the number and try not to walk together withh her when approaching the hotel. she will be considered another touirist and will go hassle - free to your room. Protectionis optional but recommended. They come in all forms and shapes...but no body is less than 7's ..happy hunting!!

Damascus, Syria

O.K. ...Damascus has many options
1) smal hotels in Maarja in down town double as brothel with russian hookers and syrians ratge is usaully $15 per time. Rushed and not so great.

2) rented furnished aprtement. The best. Ask your Airport-town taxi driver to take you to an Maktaab Akkaarai which is similar to real estate agent that rents cars and aprtmets. OR, go to their offices in the Airport itself. Tell the agent that you are alone with no family and he will understand immediately that you want to rent an aprtment for single men. The best place to rent is Elkhatteeb area near the American Embassy. rent in summer is $30 for nice aprtment. wwINTER IS MCUH CHEAPER. It is usually oridinary aprtment in an building. It has a maid and the maid takes care of callingthe girls for you. Syrian girls are simply stunning..!! they are the prettiest in the middle east and they come in all colors and shapes. Blondes, brunette, olive skin or scandinavian white. They are usually clean and they have descent jobs in the day time but they double at evening as call girls. Give the maid some tips 5$ is enough...maybe 10$ if she is really cooperative and has a big selection. Prostituion is illegal in Syria so be discreet. Girls may come to your apartment covered in Hijab and undress inside. Maid usually takes a share from the girl go easy with the tipping. You can reject the girl if you do not like her but pay her someting for taxi.Condoms recdommended since they have sex with so many Arab rich tourists from the gulf and those are usually traveling the world for diseases is possiblity.Rate is $100 per night. $20 for one or two hours..always haggle and never accept the first offer. Never Never pay more than $100 per night for a drop dead beauty. If you go in Winter, the business is dead and prices drop by 60%.

Beurit, Lebanon

This is not a cheap city for sex or anything else. Stay away from night club, they have russian girls but you will have to spend a lot to get them.
Instead go to the massage places scattered all over twon. The place to stay is district of Junieh on the beach area. My recommended hotel for comfort is Bel Azur. room is $40 in summer and far less in winter, $15 more if you bring a girl in . Recommended massage place is Samira Massage parlor..15 minutes walking from the hotel on the main street in Gunieh from the Hotel. It is a small hotel converted into massage place and rooms for russins girls to stay. Russians are not avalibale for this , they strictly working for the night club at nights. Massage are done by Lebanese, Syrians, jordanians and some eriterian. Girlas are nice 6's and 7's and some 9's if you are lucky. They change shifts so go in different times. Rtae is $25 for the management. Price for different services is negootiated with the girl once you are alone with her in the room. I paid $50 for full service with very beautiful 9's jordanian. Sex was in a hurry whichis a draw back. Also, try your luck with normal lebanese girls working Malls like ABC Mall..some of them do not mind doing it if they like you and some will simply do it for cash. Be a gentleman all the way...lebanese consider themselves the ultimate among Arabs and wants to be treated with the utmost respect.Also, there is a flier that is in Arabic usually advertise services and it
is for free and located in hotel lobby ..pick one and if you can read Arabic or have an Arab friend have him find youthe addresses for other massage
parlours.If you are in hurry, try your hotel receptionist..speak with him discreetly and not in front of the manager or anybody else. Tell him that you will tip him at least $25 if he brings you a killer girl!!. This is for 4, 5 stars hotel only including the hotel I mentioned earlier. Lebanese girl for all night will cost you no less than $150 plus at least $25 for the receptionist.

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Tunis & Hammamet , Tunisia

Tunis is nice and not expensive..however, prostitutionis legal but restricted in special areas like turkey. The area in in down town Tunis, the capital and called Darb Zarkoun. It consists of small alleys and dingy houses righ and left sides with girls. Over age in general and not look so clean however very cheap around $8-10 per trick. Not recommended.

Recommended: Try to pick up nice normal Tunisian girl. INsummer many of students try to have some moneyfrom tourists like you by providing them sex. Go to the Mall andtry to make it obvious that you are a tourist and not Tunisian. Wear Short, carry Camera..something. Once you see a girl you
like, approach her and ask about direction for some place ..maybe your hotel. Be a gentlman and dignifying. Also, you have better luick with girls working as sales in small shops and boutiques. Keep in mind that language spoken are Arabic and French..English is not very common. Once you picked up a girl, offer to take her for drink of coffee and maybe buy for her something as present ..usually dress or underwear..they love it. Control the cost not buy anything more than $40 . You still have to rent her a room separate from yours. It is the law, so do not argue with he receptionist at your hotel just rent another room. It is not expenisve. Recommended hotels are Naples on Nahj"Street in Tunisian" Naples off Rue Du Marseille in down town. It is clean and management is friendly and they keep the girl ID which is Good for security.

Girls are usually olive skin with nice body and nice sex skills. They are not Latinos..but the closest thing to latinos in the Arab world. They are clean and friendly as well as the rest of Tunisian. Country is very safe and girls are honest in the way they treat you and their financial expectations arew not very high.


It is tourist city on the mediteranian 65 KM from Tunis. VERY NICE PLACE..RECOMMEND HOTEL BELLE Azur 4 stars. Girls are in Disco Manhattan.
Have your Taxi take you there. It is gigantic disco with all kind of girls on call and normal girls. try your luck there. it is hit or miss. If you hit, never pay more than 100TD=$70 per night.

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