Prostitution Report
from El Salvador

I've been in the city about 6 times. The first time was in October 2001, and the last in December 2002. There are lots of strip clubs, the most famous of which are:

"Lips"..... lost of nice chicas, most of them 7 to 9s, around 40-50 of them on saturday nights (some old fat exceptions of course).... it is possible to take almost any girl back to your hotel, but you'll most likely have to pay 80 to 100 bucks, depending on the chic, AND wait till 3 in the morning, which is the time they get out of work. Beer goes for about 3 bucks and lapdances 10 to 12. You can get good sex out of these girls, BBBJ, etc. Very safe place, very well known, any cab driver will know the place if you ask. There is a 5 dollar admission fee i think....

"The Best" MAJOR RIP-OFF. Don't even think of going there... fucking expensive, plus girls are constantly bugging you for 7 dollar drinks that are not really drinks, they're apple or orange juice..(though they're really nice, mostly 8s, 9s). During lapdances you get to do practically nothing, cause they don't take anything off (maybe they'll let you grab one of their tits... maybe if you're lucky). Well know, although i wouldn't recommend to go."The Titanic".... great place (also know by every cab driver), but expensive. Lots of nice girls all dressed alike (like sailors). Drinks are much more expensive than those sold at Lips. The same "rules" apply for taking a girl back to the hotel.

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"Cocktails and Dreams" ... just around the corner from the Intercontinental Hotel. Some nice girls but the place is small


"Ilusiones" and "Ilusiones 2", both located on Paseo de los Héroes Blvd, well known also. Here the girls are definitely not as nice, but beer is cheap, and fucking in the back room is not expensive (30 dollars for a pop). If you look hard, you might even find something you like, but beware, for there are also some ugly bitches, and the dim light and the cheap beer don't help a lot when making your choice..


The one located in Colonia Escalón, 89 Avenida Norte, also known as "La casa 1" is by far the best. Very nice chicas, and you get to fuck them in the on-premises rooms, for 60 bucks one girl, 110 two girls. They'll do whatever you ask them to for one hour, except anal i think. There is also the "drive-thru" option, where you get to take them directly to your hotel room if you just tell your driver to wait (although rates are a little steeper if you go for that option). Oh, and credit cards are accepted. Small admission fee that includes a cold "Pilsener" beer, that you can drink while you look at the menu in the living room. Nice place, in a nice neighborhood (it is a house, actually).

"Connections".... there you can find everything from very nice to fuckin ugly. They have rooms on the premises and it'll cost you 35 to 40 bucks to fuck a lady.... that includes a CBJ i think. This is located behind the "flor blanca" stadium i believe.

HOTEL RULES: Most hotels won't give you a hard time when bringing a lady in (I've stayed at the Holiday Inn and at the Intercontinental, and I've had several girls in my room, no problem). The only thing is that every girl must leave an ID at the front desk and must be properly dressed.

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