Prostitution Report
from Finland

A report on the Prostitution scene as exists in Helsinki as at May 2000.


Helsinki has undergone a radical change recently and in my opinion it is rapidly becoming a must see stop over for all sex travellers. Prostitution is legal here although street walking and pimping are not. This gives things a very different atmosphere from most other cities. The majority of girls are working for themnselves and making their own money. The incidence rate of drug use is not as open as it is elsewhere.

Perhaps the easiest way to find a companion for the night is to stop in at one of the many strip clubs which are frequented by many hookers on the prowl. A knowing glance in the right direction will mean that it wont take more than 5 minutes to secure a companion for th eevening.
The most popular (and populated) clubs are Marionetti(Kallio) , Mermaid (Keskus) , Alcatraz (Keskus - upper class/expensive) Pietari (Kallio).
All the clubs have a small cover charge apart from Pietari. Pietari will usually only have 2/3 professionals available for the night.
Most of the girls are Russian or Estoniain and are therefore suitably exotic.English is very rarely a problem and the girls will often prefer foreigners to the average boorish Finnish male.
I like to go to these clubs and see what happens but if there are no girls I like then I will wanderr down to Mikado on Manerhementie (main street). This place is unbelievable and a complete meat market. There are approx 5-1 female to male and I have yet to meet a woman there who is not working.

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You walk around the long bar until you see something you like and then she's yours. As the night wears on prices will come down as many of the girls will be facing a night alone so it might be worthwhile waiting till a little later.The first time I went there I met a beautiful 22ish blone from St. Petersburg.We had a couple of drinks and danced a little. She offered to take me home with her for 1000FM (the standard rate) (approx $70 dollars). We went to her place (be prepared to pay for the coat check (20FM) and the taxi.This girl was amazing . We talked and laughed before she revealed her svelte and taut body to me. I couldnt help bbut chew her out for a little while and she was polite enough to pretend that I made her cum. Then she went down on me (sans cóndom) and well nature took its course. Afterwards we fell asleep with her in my arms and it was 11o'clock next morning that I took my leave of her. She entertained me again the following night in a similar manner but on the third night (yes I kinof fell for her) she was with her boyfried. So back to Mikado , 2 minutes insíde the door and I'm leaving already with another girl from St.Petersburg, slightly older but with again a wonderful body. I was slightly shocked to discover that I had somehow managed to pick up the roomate of the girl from the first night. That appartment was beginning to feel like home.

The quoted price for full sex by any of the girls is generally 1000FM and I presume this to mean between 2/3 hours. I think the fact that I was allowed to stay all night with both women was unusal. I dont know what the charges are for just blowjobs or handjobs but for the relativly cheap price of full sex whats the point?A few points.If you are choosing a hotel be aware that the Intercontinental will cause you embarrising problems if you try to bring a girl back with you. They require that she register etc, etc, . From talking to the girls this dosent happen in any other hotels

These girls are not your average street walking slappers. The vast majority of the girls I have gotten to know have professional lives in their own countries and travel maybe 1 week in four to supplement their meagre income. As such you can expect to be with intelligent as well as good looking girls.Identifying yourself as a foreigner will get you a long way, the girls dislike finnish men by and large.Anyone travelling to Helsinki, Tallin , Oslo or St. Petersburg is free to email me at and I will be pleased to
provide you with up to date info.

Well thats it. I'm off to Oslo tommorow to check out a club called Blaze and one called VIP.

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