Prostitution Report
from Florida

I spent some time in Jacksonville recently for business, boring people, boring hotels etc.. Jacksonville has a "city Paper" of sorts called "Folio Weekly". There is an add for "Quest personals" that allows anyone to listen and lurk for free adds placed by women looking for something that they are not finding at home.I was astounded at the number of women that are offering free or paid for sex over this service. I think that LE has kicked many girls off the street.. Let me tell you that they are alive and kicking .. just a different venue.

Basically you call this service, they give you a username and a password and ask you a few stupid questions. Answer none of them and proceed to the personal section. I was amazed at the forty adds from single and married girls that are looking for " discreet encounters". Paid for or not. "Married female looking for a discreet encounter with a well endowed black male". "Married female looking for a casual encounter" " Discreet encounter with anything that breathes" " Searching for a generous gentleman" " Looking for a friend with benefits" "

Can you quench my thirst" Exotic dancers with a twist, who are interested in trying new things (TVS).There are girls named Coco, Diamond, Chocolate, Hershey ( yes she want's it up the ass), Amber and Peaches who probably want to negotiate... but it seems there are some girls that want " discreet" relationships on a non pay basis". ..So I called and met a lady. She was 20 pounds overwheight, but horny as hell .. looking for a guy for "fun and adventure". I took her to dinner, fucked her on the beach, jacked off on her face and took a piss. She fell asleep at my place and I kicked her out the next day. No money discussion. Haven't heard from her since.

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