Prostitution Report
from France

My favorite way to meet women is a small box called Minitel. It's a little screen with a modem you connect on your phone line; this device was working in France long before Internet became popular. If you haven't the little box you can emulate it from a PC with a software like TimTel (a good investment if you stay a long time in France...). With that you connect to services similar to the Internet sites (but with a very poor presentation). Of course many of them have specialized in sex (that's what is called "Minitel rose" i.e. "pink Minitel"), but most are just chat rooms to exchange fantasies. The good one as far as the Hobby is concerned is "3615 RESO" (it means you dial 3615, then choose the service name RESO on the screen). I can guaranty that EVERY woman connecting on it is willing to sell sex services (and of course every man is willing to buy...). There are two ways of getting in touch : by on line chat (you select a feminine alias, read the little description she made of herself and send her a message) or personal ads (you browse through them and send messages, but of course the answer will come later). In both cases it's better to speak some French, but not much as it's not the place for long speeches.

The objective is to get the girl's phone number. Some give it quickly; others refuse to give it and ask for yours. It's up to you to give it or not... I personally refuse and do business only with girls who give their number and can receive in their home (Guess why...). The price is between 800 and 1500 F (I never exceed 1200) for a full hour (sometimes more). Of course the quality depends on the girl you choose but it's always good and can go up to wonderful girlfriend sex when you're lucky. Some of the women are professionals and act like escorts. But others are just beautiful girls who like sex and want to get some money of it instead of being fucked for free. These are the best of course, they don't see themselves as prostitutes and they expect to get also some good time when meeting a man. Many of them told me the money counterpart just adds to their excitement. I meet a woman this way about twice a month, and I see some of them regularly. I'll try to describe some to give you examples.. Sharmilaa is an anglo-indian woman, aged 38 (she claims 30 : be aware you have to add some years to what they say on Minitel, but I guess it's the same everywhere); she's a beautiful woman with a slightly dark skin and big firm breasts who receives in a little flat near Trocadero.

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She describes herself as a "courtesan", admits she's a professional but she has also some more regular clients/lovers. She likes to tell stories about them, and is very proud of their good jobs and good earnings. Sex was OK, with condomless bj and fuck in the position of my choice. Rachelle is a slim blonde of 35, divorced with two teenage kids, but she obviously makes her living through prostitution, and she rents a small flat on quai de Grenelle especially for these activities (she told me she is also registered in an escort agency in Geneva, and sometimes sits in the bar of the nearby big hotels). She used to live in the USA where she worked for a rock star so I guess she speaks perfectly English. Sex was unrushed and OK, and followed by a pleasant chat, but like with most of these women you can only cum once. Diane is a beautiful and very slim young girl of 25 who lives in the Bastille area. She looks like the girl next door, and not at all as a professional. She is intelligent and educated, and told me she works at home as a translator of Italian which I think is true. A 1200 F session with her lasts exactly one hour but for that money you can enjoy French kissing (which is quite rare), a good bj and cum twice fucking her in different positions.

And in between you can enjoy a very pleasant conversation with this charming young woman. Definitely one of my favorite.... Romane is also 25, is of Italian origin and a pleasant brunette with wonderful natural breasts. She lives near Montparnasse in a very little flat. She studies photography and computing (Photoshop and stuff like that). She also is an "amateur" : when I first met her she had given an appointment to another guy at the same time and I had to come back one hour later. But I was not angry at all because it was obvious she didn't do that on purpose and it showed a lack of professionalism that I found sympathetic. She told me of some other clients (she meets a guy about once a week only), like the one who loves to be photographed by her when naked (and she's proud of the pictures she took of him as she's a real camera artist). Phong Ling is a young Chinese girl of 24 who is a student to become an interpreter. She also works every week-end in a dress shop so I could only see her on a Friday noon. As I was really eager to meet an Asian girl, I managed to arrange it between two business meetings.

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I didn't regret it as I met a very intelligent and sensitive girl; she does this Minitel stuff because she feels very lonely but I think she really needs the money too and it made me feel like a benefactor.. She is rather shy and when someone knocked at her door we both remained silent a long time until he was gone. Sex was OK but I felt a little frustrated not to have chatted more with her. Next time I'll invite her to the restaurant before. Helene is a porn actress, not a star but one who specializes in the "big breasts" category. So she welcomed me in her little flat in a clothing specially chosen to enlighten her specific qualities...She was very unrushed : I stayed with her for two hours, fucked her twice and she was still regretting I was not staying more. A very nice person, too, very friendly, maybe a little too fat but if you like it...(personally I love changing : among those friends of mine there are some skinny girls and others rather chubby as this one; in fact I love all shapes of women). Last but not least is Ewa, a Polish woman in her mid-30' I nearly fell in love with. She is a house decorator, a screenplay writer and a painter, and above all a wonderful human being.

And very passionate ! Maybe she liked me (I look like her former husband), but she took me for two hours into a marvelous sexual game with passionate French kissing, enthusiastic blowjob without condom and fucking in several positions. I think she really enjoyed our meeting : she could not simulate such a frenzy and so intense an orgasm as the one she had. When she told me : "Honey I finish my cigarette and then I rape you again..." I was in Heaven. Well... Maybe I'll stop here all my researches and see only Ewa in the future, but who knows ? Maybe my butterfly tendencies will show again.... These are only examples of the lucky meetings you can get from the Minitel. Of course nothing is guaranteed and you can also have a rushed half and half for the same price; it's all the pleasure of blind dates. What I can say in conclusion about Minitel is that this way of connecting is so discreet that many "ordinary" women who would never dare to publish an ad in a specialized magazine go for it and have some excitement through it, for the benefit of some selective guys like me. That's why I can't give the phone numbers of the women I spoke of, and I apologize about it. But if you stay enough time in Paris, try Minitel and enjoy !

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