Prostitution Report
from Gambia

My buddy B. and I left for Dakar on Monday 23rd of February for a short fishing trip in Senegal. We only booked a hotel for the first night as we were arriving at approx. 02.00 am. We were quite lucky as we flew with an almost empty Air Portugal flight so we had the chance to sleep. At the airport there was a hotel shuttle who brought us to our hotel. In the lobby we spotted a few "gazelles" with whom we would later on start a week of wild nights and beautiful fishing days. After checking in and putting our luggage in the rooms, we went downstairs and started introducing ourselves to the girls. As there were only two left, choices were limited. One of them, her name was Ndeye, looked quite ok, but the other one was over aged and overweighed, and yes this was my companion.

We hopped of to a local nearby bar by taxi and I told her that I had no interest in spending my time and money with her. She made no problems at all and went away. A few minutes later she came back with her "sister". In Africa everybody is each others sister or brother. This girl, Diar, was extremely beautiful, tall, slim and willing from the first moment on. I felt in heaven, and my pal B. a little disappointed with his girl as she not as cute as mine. After many drinks we went back with them to our hotel around 06.00am. There was no problem at all to take the girls up the room, no extra tips, no hassle. Things couldn't get better.

We had a nice but short night in the room with all services included, but I was really too tired from the trip and the booze to appreciate it very well. Next morning, we rented a jeep with driver for the rest of the week and went of with the girls to downtown Dakar. Renting a car with driver was probably one of the best ideas we’ve had, as traffic in Dakar is very, very, very busy, and discipline a unknown word for any African driver. They do not mind any red light, speed limit, pedestrian or biker and they only overtake another car when it is not possible. Otherwise there is no fun in driving for them, I guess. We promised our girls some shopping, and my god, apart from sex, shopping is their second nature. Anyway prices are not European, the sun was shining, we felt good …. So akuna matata….

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Dakar is extremely busy, the girls almost all pretty and the man sticky as mosquitoes.
After extensive shopping by the girls we went back in the car and off to Saly “little beach” were we hoped to find accommodation for living as well as for fishing. We were not very well prepared, as we never are when we go on fishing trips, but we had some internet info on locations and hotels, and fishing clubs. After a two hour ride through very dull landscapes, extremely poor villages and passing by thousands of very nice gazelles, we finally ended in the “Saly Espadon Club” in the Mbour region. The hotel was not one of the cheapest, but had high quality rooms, staff and an exquisite cuisine and again, no problem with bringing in roommates. This was a dream come true. After a few drinks at the bar, making reservations for a boat for the next for days, I went back to my room with Diar and had good late afternoon BBBJ and ditto fuck. Then back to the bar and later on we had a very nice dinner. We decided to have a walk into the local village and had few drinks in a local bar. There were thousands of pretty girls out and my buddy and I started to feel bad about having our girls hanging around us all the time. We were in a desperate need of good excuses to get rid of Ndeye and Diar the next day. Anyway the night fuck was nice the next morning bbbj ok, so no problem so far. Then they both wanted money for beachwear and new hair weaving. They looked beautiful and new when they came back. Diar wanted some more money for more clothes and she started to give me my so wanted excuse to drop her. The next night was not so good as she felt tired and had an headache (were did I hear that too….), but we did fuck, not as good as I wanted. She probably felt that I had something in mind. Next morning we went fishing and both of them came along with us. Of course they became seasick and went sleeping and vomiting for the rest of the day. We had tons of fish and fun, but when we came back they both wanted more money. I do not know about B., but I refused as I spent already more than 200 Euros on clothes, hair etc… Obviously this was not something what she expected, and she started arguing. As I am not prepared to have extensive discussions during my holidays, I finally send her away, back to Dakar with our private driver. B. was sitting at the bar with Ndeye, and she proposed to contact her “sister – girlfriend” named Fama. After pointing out my conditions and my wishes she called her on the cell phone. I talked to her and she agreed to come over from Dakar next morning. This was ok, as our driver was on his way to Dakar with Diar. We called him and arranged the next morning trip and putted him in contact with Fama. He was very pleased that he could spend the night with his wife in Dakar, and we had no extra cost for taxi fares for Fama.

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After a few drinks, a good meal I went to my room alone. I didn’t felt the need for a one night stand yet. Next morning after breakfast, same program : fishing. When we came back we went to the bar. No Fama, so more drinks. Around 05.00pm there she is. Man, I couldn’t speak anymore, so black so beautiful and so young and so sweet. I thought I was dreaming, but she was real. B.’s eyes felt out of his head too. So Ndeye introduced her to us and we started chatting and drinking, we long drinks, the girls Fanta (Senegal is a Muslim country). She whispered in my ears what he wanted to do with me at night and I got so hot that I could hardly wait till later. So we had a quicky in my room. She was wearing nice tight white pants but no panties…. I get a kick of that. After this short interval I started talking about money, but she did not want any as she was not a whore (she said). She told me she was pleased to spend a few days in a luxury hotel had some good food and drinks as she never in her life experienced this. This was more than I could have wished and I felt happy again. She told me there was only one little problem : she could not stay until Sunday, but had to leave on Saturday afternoon. Sad, but there were worse things in life.

The next days were a dream and we spend as much time in bed as ever possible. She was great, sweet and extremely sex hungry. Life can be beautiful. But nice songs do not last forever and off she was on Saturday. Alone again. We made arrangements that we would meet again Sunday night in our Dakar hotel. B. took advantage of this to sent Ndeye back to Dakar as well with Fama with some silly excuses as preparing our suitcases
Alone again.

But not for too long. Obviously the barmen spotted that the “gazelles” were gone and kindly asked us about our plans for the night. And if we needed some help. Anyway a long story short : they arranged for some new girls for the night. Sorry but I do not recall their names anymore. But they looked great and they knew their job quite well.

Next morning we left for Dakar and after a hell of a drive we gladly made it to the hotel at the airport again. We only left at 03.00am so we had some time left. I called Fama and we arranged to meet later for a last fuck. Friend B. picked up very cute girl, Xena. She did what was expected from a girl with such name : after the act she went mad about not getting the right money for her performances. Luckily the doorman assisted us in getting away without any physical damage.

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This was just a short review of a magnificent week in Senegal. The overall result was more than good and we will surely go back there, but next time we will get more prepared. Almost all girls are pretty, one more than the other. It is not at all difficult to have the GFE. Beware of the prices and make arrangements before you attack. In general girls are satisfied with 20 to 50 Euros per night. Fama never discussed any prices, as she already found herself in heaven with a beautiful hotel, 3 meals a day and free drinks.
Do NOT drive a car, but rent a car with driver of take a taxi.
On your arrival pick out one of the many males at the airport and promote him as your guide. For a small daily fee he will get all the others from your back, make the best deal on taxis, buying souvenirs, getting food, and fun for the night. For five Euros a day plus some food and beverage you are the most protected monger in Africa.
Do NOT take too much cash with you, VISA and MASTERCARD are commonly used. Forget about AMEX.
Gifts such as old shoes, T-shirts, medicines and perfumes are highly appreciated and do open more than doors only.

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