Prostitution Report
from Georgia

The basics: A1 Entertainment, phone 706/613-5424 This established agency provides outcall escorts to Athens and surrounding areas. Incall available for established clients. Fees: $200 and up, depending upon the girl.

Me: I'm almost 50, and I've become accustomed to the finer things in life. I love a bargain, but I'd rather stay in a fine hotel than camp. And I'd rather have a GFE with an escort than a hurried session with a crack ho I picked up off the street.A GFE experience for me means lots of kissing, fondling, & stoking. An unhurried pace. A multilingual session with multiple pops permitted and encouraged.This is the type service I receive from my two favorite girls from A1. Peaches and Strawberry are cousins, ages 19 & 20 respectively. Peaches, a brunette, enjoys kissing with much passion and tongue. She especially enjoys French conversations, uncovered. No rush.

Peaches is an attractive girl, busty and a hard body. She is quiet, but up for just about anything. Ask and it shall be yours (at least I have found this to be the case, though my tastes are pretty conventional).Strawberry is a curvy strawberry blonde. She has several tatoos, which some find off putting but I do not. She too provides a BBBJ, to completion if desired (no she does not swallow).All in all, it is hard to top this service. Granted, costs are lower in other parts of the world...but these days $200 for a complete hour with a passionate woman seems reasonable in the US.

I've seen these lovely girls half a dozen times each, and sessions just keep getting better. Certainly a great way to stay active between international jaunts.Speaking of international jaunts, I'm scheduled to go to Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador and possibly Cuba before the end of the year. My trips are for business, but my hidden agenda is the hobby.

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