Prostitution Report
from Germany

I have visited Pegasus ( in Duseldorf back in May 2002.

I rang the bell on a Monday morning of what looked like an office building. Went in through another door down to a basement. I was welcomed by the hostess Nan.She showed me around and then gave me a locker key. I paid her €120.00.In the Club there were 3 women + Nan and three other men plus Peter the host.

I changed to my briefs and then joined everyone next to the bar. Knowing that I did not speak any German, everyone around me started speaking English when possible. Five minutes later, my hand was taken by a Russian girl called Natasha. She pulled me into the leopard alcove for some action. Man, she was cute and funny. I would give her a 9/10. Midway through the action, another couple came in and used the alcove facing us. While doing my deed I was at the same time watching a live BJ and then fuck performed by the neighboring couple.

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After our action was over, I went to shower and then back to a drink. In the bar area there was Nan giving a BJ to one guy while being doggy styled by another. I watched all the action while at the same time having a conversation with Peter about the club history at the bar.Both men came over Nan and then everyone went to get cleaned. Natasha came back and pulled me to a corner and we were then joined by another petite Thai and a young German guy. Everyone switched to English for my benefit and the German guy and I ended debating some philosophical and historical questions. He was very interesting but the ladies got bored of us. So Natasha grabbed the guy and the Thai grabbed me and off we went to another alcove action.

The Thai had nipple rings and a vagina ring. The 69 was great but after 30mn and several positions, I had to call it quits. The action at Oase the previous night + the short sleep and the 2 hours drive from Frankfurt had taken its toll on me. Jr. did not want to work to the end. The Thai did her best. Back to the bar and the young German guy was gone. Sat down with Nan, Natasha, the Thai, Peter and a non-English speaking German guy. We went into other conversations with Natasha and Nan translating as we went along. It was like being with a group of long-known friends.Peter is great and he apparently operates an apartment service for the discerning gentlemen. Erotic breakfast can also be ordered.

Of all the places I have been in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany, Pegasus is by far the best. Both hosts and guests did their best to make me feel at home.

One of the problems I had in places like Paradise, Showboat or Kastel Waterloo was that if you didn’t speak the language then you were excluded. Not at Pegassus as I ended up staying for another 90 minutes and I would have stayed more but my parking time was expiring.

Thanks Peter and staff.

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