Prostitution Report
from Ghana

I was in Ghana July 1 through July 10. It was my first time in Africa on vacation.

In preparation for my trip, I read numerous warnings for travelers to be prepared for health issues. As a precautionary effort, I made an appointment at a Travel Clinic and got every vaccination recommendated to me. I had a 105F temperature immediately upon arrival and fortunately for me, I was able to diagnose and treat myself immediately. Just to note, while I was sick, the hotel introduced me to a young nurse named Anita. Within 2hr, she was on top of me fucking me. She had one of the most sexy bodies I've seen in years.

I made online reservations for the Poloma hotel and arranged for the hotel to pick me up at the airport upon arrival in Accra. Upon arrival, after a shower, I went downstairs to Champs Bar that is located within the Poloma complex. The young Canadian owner, his immensly beautiful Liberian wife, and a retired Brit were in the bar. I sat down and struck up a conversation and got some travel and party advice. There's not great selection of pick-up bars in Accra but, you can just walk down the street, sit at a cafe, bus stop, room sevice maid, etc... if you want to pick up a date. Just the biggest hitters: Champs is the place to go Fridays, Macumba and Waikiki have the largest selection after midnight.

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Since I wasn't feeling well until day 4, I tried to arrange to take a trip up the Volta River. I asked around and was introduced to an American who has lived in Ghana for 30 years. His name is Jud and I thought it strange that he was not retired and did not seem to have normal income. He showed me his brochure with trip prices and sold me a Volta trip for $140 for Anita and me. This is a large sum of money in this part of the world. I always spend freely when I travel and other than the hotels I put on my credit card, I only spent $300 cash in 10 days. After the transaction, he asked me to dinner and a night of bar hopping. I accepted and he drove Anita and me around bar hopping. After a few brs, he picked up a hooker for himself and brought her to dinner, After he finished, he immediately and rudely wanted to call it a night and left, sticking me with his bill. Anita and I decided to hang out at Champs. We were pretty mad at Jud. One trick I use when I travel to save money and reduce my worries is to have my date keep the money I allotted for that evening (except some emergency money I keep hidden on myself) in her purse and manage the money that evening while I play around. Anita explained to me that everytime I went to the mens room or disappeared from site, Jud would tell her that I told him to have her pay for his and and the various girl's drink he was with. The next morning, Jud's assistant came by my hotel room with another brochure showing different prices for my tour asking for an additional $60. I immediately recognized that if I went with Jud's service, there would be hidden fantom charges the entire trip so, I sent her away empty. I was well enough to travel and decided to cut my losses and get out of Accra.

Anita took me to STC bus station and reluctantly left me. While waiting at the STC, I saw an extremely beautiful woman. As she was boarding a bus, different than mine, I approached her and got her name and number. Francesca was taking the earlier bus to Takoradi so, I told her I would call her when I arrived 1 hr after. I took the bus to Takoradi with the intention of stopping at Cape Coast. The price was @ $4. for the roughest 4 hr bus ride of my life. Cape Coast seemed small and I had Francesca on my mind. I continued on to Takradi with no idea where I would stay that evening. I was going through my guidebook for hotels when I struck up a converstion with a young lady sitting next to me. She said she was going to visit her uncle and recommended that I stay at the Rabow hotel where she and her uncle was staying. When we arrived in Takoradi, I was wary of the quality of a hotel a Ghanian local would be staying. I paid for the cab to drive me down a dirt road to the Raybow and was surprised that it was a very nice full service resort.

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After checking in, it was 9pm. I walked to the beginning of the dirt road to a traffic circle to the Office Bar. It was a small outside type bar, very quiet, where I flirted with the servers and asked the locals about the town. I was still weak from being sick in Accra so I called it an early evening.

The next 4 days, I contacted Francesca and arranged several meetings at various times. I discovered that Ghanians have no concept of time and being late for our meetings by as much as 7 hrs was never her fault, always mine. While waiting for her, I visited the city's center: Market Center and met a few young ladies during the day. I also went to several beaches, and found that I could've had any woman I wanted at any time. It seemed that these ladies are very reserved, never making the fist move but, the first possible chance of privacy, they will overwhelm you with the most passionate behavior of any woman on earh.

If I were staying in Takoradi again, there are more ladies of the night at the Africa Beach resort than you can count and would definitely stay there. I found a a bar overlooking the docks called the Stomach Bar that was known for having pros frequent it. I waisted too much time waiting for Francesca but, was able to pick up some great looking ladies at these two bars.

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After 4 days, I left Takoradi, tired of being stood up. Too bad, Francesca was so good looking I would've married her. I never fucked her but, without her ever asking me, I would give her cab money or money to give her mother. That was always a mistake because she would almost always immediately take off. She just had to spend it and fast. I'm in no hurry in life so, I went back to Accra to the Shangri la hotel.

While in Accra before going to Takoradi, I was secretly getting phone numbers when Anita's watchful eyes were't able to guard me from all the lovely ladies of Accra. I called Gifty who I secrely got a phone number from when Anita was in the ladies room one day. She was happy to see me; I told her almost all about Takoradi. She came over to my hotel immediately, pointing out that she would never be late like Francesca was. Gifty was thin, muscular, and has the roundest, shapely butt I've seen. I spent my last day with her and gave her a bunch of money that I planned on spending but, did't need to.

Every puplication I read advised to get away from Accra. Also, I was curious about the stories about Swedru. I believe that Swedru is no different than any other small Ghanian city away from Accra. You don't need to meet a pro to get laid in this country, simply approach almost anyone you want and it is highly likely that she can be yours. I would probably get bored in Ghana quickly but the women were very polite and many were naturally sexy, not wearing much make-up. Also, this travel destination was very different from all others I've ever been. When travelling, I can always count on finding a fellow traveller at a bar or hotel who, like myself, travels alone and we can swap stories and advice. In Ghana, everybody mistrusted everybody; everybody kept you at arm's length; and most of all, everybody lied for no reason whatsoever.

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