Prostitution Report
from Guatemala

Guatemala /Mexico Visit Nov 2002.

I was in Guatemala City in Nov 2003. First I would suggest that you stay at the Holiday Inn, Radisson or Marriott Hotels, as with all Western hotels here you will have no Problem in Bringing Back Company for the night.

First Night I went to Marujas. This is a small private house run by a madam. It has good security outside. When you go in, you have a small bar, and a big living room .The waiter takes your order for drinks.. Which are not expensive and then you just observe the talent available (about 10..15 girls). When you find something you like, call her over and strike up a conversation.. At this point you realise that you really do need some Spanish as many of the girls are from Honduras or Salvador and do not speak English. You can take a girl out for the evening, of you can spend an hour in one of the nice rooms you have on site. It cost about US$50..$60 all in for the hour on site, and I think it would of cost $150 for the night… What I did was the first night I went with a girl from Honduras, to a room on site. I forget her name but a photo is enclosed. I had a great time with her, and she gave me her mobile, and we agreed a private deal for later in the week at my hotel.

On other nights I went to Caprichos. This is a small bar with a stage. About 20..30 girls work here from all parts of central america. There were also Two Russian girls here, who seemed quite cold relative to some of the Latin chicks. On the nights I went with 3 chicks on site. Cost was about US$40..50 for the hour. Sorry I do not have any photos.

Further in my trip I went to Mexico. I stayed in a place call Uruapan..which is a part of Mexico where they Grow a lot of Avocados. In this place . I went to a night club called Can Can (add: paseo de la revolucion no 335 col. La pinera c.p.60140. This was basically a lapdancing joint where you could get a private full contact dance for about $10. For additional fees of about $100 you can take girls out for the night after paying a bar fine..once again ..Spanish is handy here, although there were a couple of girls here that spoke English.

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