Prostitution Report
from Guyana

I was in guyana for about a week in March 2002. I know this post may be late but someone else may gain from it. The seen is ok, for about $25.00 to $30.00 US you can get some action but i find the ladies hate giving BBBJ or BJs period. On The first day i arrived i had a chick in my room within one hour of arriving, later in the night I went to a club called Sherriff and picked up another chick, cost me $25.00 but only sex, no BJ, it seem the ladied are not really into Bjs. In about four days I had about 12 pieces of pussy, i was getting kinda tired. I met a gal on my 5th day and hung with her until i left but it was ok but no Bjs. I find once you are a visitor, getting pussy is no problem.

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