Prostitution Report
from Hawaii

Honolulu, HI Body Shampoo Parlors

Massage parlors, body shampoo parlors, or relaxation parlors seem to be a thriving business in Honolulu. I've tried several over the last few years and recommend the experience. They appear to change names often and go in and out of business. There are many places near the Ala Moana shopping center area. The following lists some of the places to try.

The format is the same at these places. There is an entrance fee of $40-50. This gets you a body shampoo with the girl you choose. Afterward, the two of you return to a private room for a light massage. Then the discussion of extras and their prices begins. By then, they are comfortable that you are not a cop. The standard price for full service appears to be $150. Often, they will ask more to begin with.

(1) Tokyo Health Spa, on Kona St.: This place was very good and had an excellent selection of girls. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business. I hear that they were busted for employing unregistered foreigners. Does anyone know if they reopened elsewhere?

(2) Asian Relaxation, on Young St just off Keeaumoku: Entrance is $40. They have a frequent customer card which gets you a half price admission the sixth time. The selection of girls here is good. There are generally more in the evening and only a couple during the day. I haven't been disappointed with any of the girls I visited here. This place is recommended.

(3) Red Flame on Keeaumoku: This is across from the McDonalds and is set back far from the street in the back of a strip mall. The entrance is almost from a covered garage. I think it goes by a different name now. I've only been here once. The selection was good. They had several girls working during the afternoon, not just the evening. I had selected a Korean girl who gave good service. This place is clean and well maintained.

(4) Behind Tower Records on Keeaumoku: There is a group of 3 parlors in a strip mall hidden across the street from Tower Records (up hill along Keeaumoku). I've tried the one upstairs in a building which faces Keeaumoku. I can't remember the name of the place, and the name seems to change every 3 months anyway. I've had mixed experience here. On a couple of visits, the selection was good and the service good. On a couple of other visits, the service was poor and cold. I see that those girls didn't stay long in any case.

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