Prostitution Report
from Honduras

I was in the Roatan for a week last summer, and had a great time. I stayed at the Dolphin Resort, for $20/night. It's not really a resort, just a small motel, but it was nice enough, and right on the main strip in the West End. I went to Roatan to SCUBA dive, and relax, and it was perfect. I was on the hunt for chicas, but didn't know what to expect. I went to a nice bar right on the ocean, I dont' recall the name, but it is one of the most popular places in the West End. I sat there and had a few drinks, and started talking to some of the locals there.

They were very friendly, and asked if I wanted to hang out with them. They took me to some great bars, and we had a wonderful time. One of the members of our group was a very attractive young islander that was about 19yrs old. She was pretty shy the whole night, and never really gave me the time of day, until we both started getting a little drunk. I kept feeding her rum and she began to wrarm up. It was late and most of the crowd had left, so she and I started walking back to her apartment. When we got to her place she was locked out, and her roommate did not answer the door, so I offered to let her stay in my room. She said okay, and we walked the short distance to the Dolphin Resort. Once back in my room I gave her a t-shirt to wear, and climbed in bed. She joined me, and before you know it we were hard at it. She had such a beautiful body, very tight, and not an ounce of fat on her. We began by making out, and then I ate her tight pussy, it was sooo sweet. Pretty soon she was begging me to fuck her, so I mounted her and began fucking her hard. She wanted to switch positons, so I pulled out, and she layed on her stomach and guided me into her wet pussy, this was a great position, and I could feel her tight ass against my thighs as I banged her fine pussy.

I was pretty drunk, so I lasted a long time. After who knows how long, I blew my load, and fell on top of her. I rolled over and spent the rest of the night spooning with her. The next morning she left, and I went diving (with a hangover). I did not see her that day, but the I did see her the next. She smiled and asked if I was going out tonight, I said yes, and we agreed to meet at a local bar. I went to the bar that night, but did not see her, and at about midnight I stumbled back to my place. About two hours later I heard a knock at my door, and when I answered there she was. I invited her in, and she went right over to the bed, stripped and jumped in. and again I had a great time with her hard body. I didn't see any working women in Roatan, but there are plenty of willing tourists, and local girls who will make your trip worth while. Try to hook up with some of the locals, they are VERY nice, and will treat you well. don't pay too much for a taxi, they will try to rip you off. And the beauty of Roatan is that everything is priced in dollars, so have a great time.

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