Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

Day 1 :

Reached HK, and on way to the hotel from airport called a outcall number which I had picked up from the web, and also to which site I had exchanged a couple of e-mails.

(8207 8359 - Number and e-mail : service_esc @

Asked for a young, slim big breasted woman to be sent to my hotel (even the room number I would call them and give after checking in). They askef for 800 HKD (About USD 100) for 1 hour massage. I offered 500 HKD and they agreed.

15 Mins Later I had checked in, and barely settled in, when the lady arrived. She was spanish, wheat skinned, beautiful figure, slime, and really nice sized boobs (Nothing Humungus), but quite decent (38 size maybe)

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Started with a massgae (she could speak a little english), and gave a passable massage for about 20 mins (in the process taking of all my clothes and also squeezing my dick a couple of time, I had run my hands over her midriff). She then said that's it, clearly opening the way for further negotiation. I asked how much and she said HKD 2000 (USD 250 approx), I offered USD 100 and stuck to it, though she negotiated, and even called back to the agency, who also asked for higher amounts. Needless to say she agreed.

Next thing we are both in the shower, completely nude, she rubs me down, I rub her down, really had a nice cosy shower for about 10 mins. Then it is back to the bed and the whole act. She didnt give a comple bbbj but licked around the whole area and even took it briefly in her mouth (before the condom). I was also going down on her same time. Only after another 30 mins, did I put on the condom. From there on it was again oral for about 3-5 mins, and then the actual act.

Whole experience was great. Cost me about USD 160, but sounds like a good deal, from what I have read on this site. On leaving she asked for taxi fare, I just kissed here, fingered her pussy, and told her I would call her tommorrow.

Day 2 : Called and asked for the same girl. This time no haggling on charges. I had bought some real nice bath stuff, so we had more fun in the shower. Pretty much the same deal, except she had brought a green apple flavored condom, so she really went to town there.

Day 3 : Tried another big breasted chick same agency. Great experience.

Each night, it went on for about 1.5 hrs +. Cost was USD 160 a night. But I got pretty much the full works, EXCEPT a bbbj, but then the whole licking thing was quite exciting.

So my suggestion to those of u, who do rent a room and r on yr own, try this or some other outcall agencies. Plenty of numbers on the net. When making the first call try to dangle a carrot, like I am here for a few days, and if the girl is good, I will call one every night or something. Also threaten that if the girl is not good, then u will just send her back.

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