Prostitution Report
from Illinois

There are a couple of places in downtown Davenport you should be aware of if loking for fun in Quad Cities. The first place is Sugar's. It advertises itself as incall/outcall dancers, but is truly a brothel. Think I paid 20 for the room and 100 for sex. Recieved and gave oral, plus penetration. All in all, had a great time. Standard pay for certain time in the room, then tips negotiated with whomever you pick. Sugar's is located on 3rd Street (one way east) west of the main downtown area.

After Our's is on 4th street (one way west) just a block or two from Sugar's. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I paid the same amount (20 for room, 100 for tip) and got a prettier girl. Problem is, the girl couldn't perform. They were much more strict on the time limit for the room, and the girl spent half the time licking her fingers trying to get herself wet. She would only act on bottom, and when she was too dry to act, I offered to let her just suck/jerk me off. She said that wasn;t what we negotiated and kept wasting time. When time was up (a knock on the door) she promptly got dressed and left. I had the brains to find the signs on the wall stating policy about unsatisfaction (had to pull back a curtain to find the signs) and when I asked about them, I was told "sorry... now leave" in a matter of speaking.

What a waste of money. In short, Sugar's was fun. But if you see After Our's (advertised as a lingerie shop), stay well away.

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