Prostitution Report
from India

I spent a few months in Bombay for business recently and had the opportunity to engage in my favorite hobby quite a bit. First off, I have to say that Bombay is not someplace I would highly recommend for hobbying, though if you are stuck there, a good time can be had. I found most of these locations through local friends and from touts, though the taxi drivers will bring you to a line up in just about any neighborhood. Most of the places that say “beauty parlor” are whorehouses, where they have a line up of 1-15 girls. I’d also have to say that as a general rule most girls do not speak English very well and it is very helpful to be able to speak Hindi.

The first place I visited was Voodoo nightclub in Colaba. On any night other than Saturday there are quite a few Russian, Nepalese, and Indian girls working. I ended up with Sonia, one of the most aggressive girls there, for a short time. We went to one of the local hotels and I spent Rs 1500 (about $30). I’d say she was about a 7 to look at and about a 6 in bed. She did suck well and was up for any position, but she wasn’t all that into it. Still, I thought there were some better girls there, and I’d like to hear if anyone else has had more success there.

I stopped by Choice Beauty Parlor in the Fort several times. You can find the address in the Midday paper under “beauty parlors”. The cost is Rs 1000 ($20), but their selection is really limited. My favorite was Lakshmi, who really was a 10 to look at, but maybe only a 5 in bed. Wanted extra for BJ, so I just fucked her. Would only do missionary. But she was damned cute…I’d fuck her again just to hear the bells on her ankle bracelets jingle.

I visited another beauty parlor up by Marine Lines station on kilan lane. Can’t remember the name, but their phone is 9820499274. Good looking line up, but again, I got a really thin Marathi girl, but she was poor in the sack. I paid RS 2000 for three nuts. Only came once, but I was really drunk.

My favorite place was the Green Palace in Colaba. I really enjoyed my time with Divia, who speaks no English. She was a little large, but had a pretty face, and was exceptional in bed. Lots of passion and a good range of positions. If she was faking it, I don’t much care b/c it was pretty convincing. They charge about RS 1500 for short time, but have an excellent room upstairs. This is off the main street by Leopold’s and just about any tout or local will show it to you.

I spent a little bit of time in the dance bars, but not long enough to have any success. Anyone have any advice on these places? And what about the redlight district? Anyone been to Dreamland? My employer may send me back in December, so it’d be nice to have some info.

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