Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

I have been in Mataram, Lombok for the last nine days and you could do a lot worse than stay at the Puri Indah hotel. Just ask any taxi driver, they'll know where it is. (Here follows a little plug for the Puri Indah.) For 55,000 rupiah a night (you have to ask for that price, otherwise you get charged 65,000) you get a decent clean room with a double bed, table and chair, TV, fridge and air con, and a cleanish ensuite with shower and toilet. It also has a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a pleasant enough atmosphere. It's also close to the Mataram mall, which is the happening thang in Mataram.

A standard item of the hotel's custom is guys who come here to 'play girl', and the staff are all well used to it and friendly. You can bring your own girl, or ask them, and they will arrange it. I mean, it's part of their job description to provide this contacting, pick-up and drop-off service, so they act as go-betweens. I don't know whether they take a commission, they don't seem to, and I believe they don't; they just rely on your occasional largesse. They can either take you on a tour of the girl-shops, or ring for one. If you like her, you accept, and if you don't, no worries, she'll go back and they'll call anotheree.

Many of the girls have come from Java, especially Malang, home of many cuties, or so it would seem. They also get their share of girls in from the Lombok countryside.

Cost is Rp 150,000 for short-time, 400,000 for all night, at least that's what I've been paying.

I asked the guys at the hotel and also taxi-drivers which is better, Mataram or Senggigi. They said Mataram is better because it's more expensive in Senggigie with all the tourists.

The other night I saw a very beautiful girl come in, join her Indonesian host and disappear into a room together. 'Who's the girl?' I asked? Eja, the go-between, told me she's for a very important guest. 'Who's the guest?' I asked. 'He's the commander for the whole of Lombok responsible for the eradication of prostitution.'

So that's Indonesia for you. No risk of the eradication of prostitution in the short term I would guess LOL.

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