Prostitution Report
from Iowa

Escorts: Water Palace (incall)is safe as mentioned and Total Class is OK. Prosti ads in the Des Moines Register are listed under Model, Escorts, ect. You can try the ones in the phone book, but most disconnected. If you call on a newspaper ad be sure to ask if they are full service, a few sneak in there with just a strip show. Most ask for an agency fee of $40-50 for outcall and the girl with ussauley ask how much you want to spend when she arrives, an additional $100 get full service one hour generally.

For Streeters: The area is just to the north of downtown off of University Ave. 1. 6th avenue north of University avenue to the bridge and the streets parralel to it to the west through about 12th. 2. Southside of University Ave between Martin Luther King and Drake University. (19th to 35th) Due to occasional stings they jump right into your car before any talk they will quiz you on if you are a cop, but if they hop in they are not. Local PD will not allow its decoys to do that. Most are on meth. 20 for BJ and 50 for BJ+FS. There are some local one hour motels that most should be able to guide you too if you don't want to park, if you do park they will have you drive a mile or more to a nice residential neighborhood in general. Be lery of ones that say that want to take you to their place. They are one hour motels in this area that they know.

Topless / Nude Clubs: Des Moines has quite a number. Best Nudes are Minx, Lumberyard, and Big Earl's Goldmine. Nudes cover is $10 and it is BYOB with no can tax, I suggest a small cooler. Lapdances are $20 and Minx dancers ussauley allow more groping. Lumberyard has the largest selection, but lamest dances. Beachgirls is the classiest topless and The Outer Limits is my favorite grungy one. You will end up spending more at the Topless if you drink much. Very few will give any hint that they are available outside, use your own word play to figure it out.

Overall Des Moines is not too bad, if you are there on business our strip clubs are pretty good.

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