Prostitution Report
from Israel

I have just returned from a very satisfying experience that I think the readers of this board will be interested to hear about Some months ago I got to hear about a swinger couple in the Haifa area who were looking paying guest to join in with them From what I had heard this couple while weren’t young but still very hot and wild and I made an effort to try and track them down I was surfing on one of the local chat portals and in the couples room and I started to chat with this woman who seemed to be a likely candidate and sure enough I hit the jackpot. We continued to chat and very soon she offered me her phone number to get a bit more serious and set up a meeting. She was very friendly and told me that she and her partner (male) had been swinging for about two years and seemed to be very freethinking and interested in getting together. She mentioned that they had a girl friend (her name was Anat) who was also willing to join in. I have good friend JK2 who have has already joined me in some great 4 some experiences so far. We were both looking for some better amateur action together and this sounded like worth making the effort and checking it out for ourselves The ratio of two women to three guys sounds like a good balance and we agreed that we should set up a meeting ASAP between all the five of us.

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Now this type of thing is not easy as the more people involved the chances of it being suitable timing for everyone are hard to arrange We have been trying to meet for the last 2 months and only yesterday did our plans finally materialize Jk2 and I drove together from Tel –Aviv to Haifa on Friday morning arriving a little before 10 am as planned and we were directed by phone to their location a small cottage dual home. We were welcomed in by the guy in his late 30s into the lounge where the girl friend (Anat) was sitting she was a woman in her 30s quite pretty about 1.65m long dark brown hair with a some red strands smallish breast with a nice bubble and friendly attitude and we soon got chatting and cleared the air .We were later joined by the guys girlfriend/wife? (Inbal) a extremely sexy woman in her late 30s early 40s.with big blue eyes and nice figure 1.70m she had just come out of the shower and her long blond hair was still wet. We all sat around and got into conversation about our swinger experiences and we seemed to get along fine till Anat suggested that we go into the other room (the bedroom) and get started with our mutual fun. First we had to get the money part over with and as agreed we paid them 800NIS between the two of us (about $80 each) but as we had previously discussed there was no time limit and for this type of action one has to pay a price. We were both still a little reluctant at this stage but it sounded positive and as it turned out it was well worth the cost. Well once we got the money out of the way we all stripped down to our underwear all five of us got on to the low double bed and very quickly we were all touching and caressing each other Anat got hold of me first and she started by sticking her tongue down my throat and making a fondle for my tool I was busy returning the favor by kissing her back and holding and exploring her body .

I could see that my friend JK2 was busy doing the same with Inbal the other guy was busy stroking Inbal’s legs and it wasn’t very long before JK2 and Inbal mated and I could see them at “IT” from the corner of my eye as well as hear it . Anat was hot and I was enjoying myself and after going down on her and she returned the favor including a good 69 later to be followed by a great balling session Anat was very noisy screaming at times also quite funny with a great sense of humor she was a real wild cat and a great lay. BTW she had small boobs but very protruded nipples (like little antennas) when aroused for those of you who are interested. The guy also joined in after I had blown my load and continued from where I left off giving her another wild orgasm judging from the sound she was making The whole thing got very wild and went on for about 3 hours and it included me screwing Inbal twice plus another two with Anat Jk2 also was very busy managed to fuck Inbal three times Anally including one sandwich with me and one time with the other guy (ie one in her pussy the other up her tight little backdoor) Anat went down on Inbal and ate her pussy while I was busy kissing and caressing her, later the other guy was fucking Anat (doggy style) while she was still busy eating Inbal. We had to hold her shoulders to stop her falling forward from his thrusts Later while JK2 gave it to Inbal anally while Anat shoved a vibrator into Inbal pussy I was fingering her clit while holding her legs up in the air so that JK2 could gain easier access to her backdoor entrance. I could go on and describe some more of the action but I am sure you can use your imagination a bit and there no need to bore you with more details of the same old” in and out” in different variations.

There were no holds barred and it went on more or less non stop with a few pauses to get our breath back I gave both the girls a nice body massage which they both appreciated and we all got on great chatting and talking. I could tell that the girls really enjoyed it and liked our company and attention this was no act this was real and this type of thing is hard to find here in Israel. We could have gone on for longer if it were not for the fact that we still had a long ride ahead of us and the need to get home. I am sure the girls were a bit disappointed that we had to leave so early and would have loved for us to stay and have at least another session as they seemed hungry for more. We both left very happy and are looking forward to our next meeting with them. We discussed our impressions and views of what we just experienced and we came to the joint conclusion that it was definitely the best time we have ever had and had no reservations about going back there again. I imagine that some of you will want to know where you can contact this group and get in on the action yourselves. But the girls made me promise that I wouldn’t go and publish their phone number publicly over the internet but only give to people that I know and personally recommend so I am afraid for the moment I can only share this information with close friends and acquaintances. (I bet my mail box will start filling fast with old chums dropping in to just say “Hi”)

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