Prostitution Report
from Italy

I was there In September 2000 and here is my report. Rome, Italy is not an easy city to have working girls if you do not have car or you do not want to rent one. However, after a long search in strip clubs, I stumbled on this wanderful place that provides full service on premises. It is on the Metro line, get off at the last station(take the Metro from the main Metro station called Termini) going to Rebibia ...get off in Rebibia. Get out , walk to the left until you see traffic lights, Cross the street and walk to your right into street called Francis until number 56, it is a strip club called California 2000. it opens from 4:30 to 4:00AM. It is mainly for Italians who really vlaue service and accept no rip-offs. Audience are mainly Italian army soldiers and they are nice and friendly not like the stereo type we all have about army soldiers in a strip club. I went there at 5:30 and Waaaaa...this is not anormal strip club, it is a full body contact, lab dance place. The sitting is that there is small dance floor surrounded with tables , each of the girls come and dance totally naked, jumb all over the audience to feel her one by one, finger her and then go back to stage. Some of the girls, specially one named Verfonica, will even choose one audience and blow job him on stage..!!!!!.

Then, she chooses another one, place him naked on stage , put on a condom on him and Pam PAM PAM...screw the hell out of him until he comes right therein front of everybody!!!!. Now, the great part is all girls are availbe to be taken upstairs for "Privato" which is asmall cabin with curtain where for anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 Lire($50-75) will allow you to BJ with or without Condom depends on negotiation and Full F. Girls are 9+ in looks, some are 10+ performance and some are 7 but overall they are all friendly and very very kind. Some could go home with you for 3 hours for $250 or for one night for $500. I did not try the full night but I think if you try one and find that she is great in the cabin...then you can think about taking her home.

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