Prostitution Report
from Jamaica

First, I want to say that there is no place on earth quite like Hedo (at least that I've found) We will be going back every year for the rest of our lives. This was our second trip, so I'm over the "newbie" fascination. Hedo is a small resort of about 250 rooms on Negril's famous 7 mile beach. It is split into a "prude" side and "nude" side, with a common dining area, shops, gym for both. It has a prude beach where the circus classes are held (trapeeze, juggling, etc) and a nude beach (where I hang out) where they play most of the games (nude twister, find your mate, nude volleyball, body painting, beer drinking, etc). It also has prude and nude swimming pools, an almost swimming pool size nude hottub, and nude "bubbles" tub (like a hottub, but the water is cool). The rooms are pleasant, but the a/c isn't great (we brought a small fan with us). They have mirrors on the ceiling (I shouldn't have to explain what that's for) and cd players in the room to play that "mood setting music". We also brought an ample supply of candles (more romantic). They supply soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers (note ladies and drag queens, you have to bring your own curling iron) However, they do not have room service (that sucks!) Ok, enough about the standard stuff. Now to the other "activities"

The one rule at Hedo is no SA in the PA (no sexual activities in the public areas). However, that rule is usually not enforced (at least not until you've already climaxed, ha ha) Needless to say, nothing happens on the prude side. You have to go to the nude side to see or do anything.

The first thing you'll realize when you get naked is that there are people uglier than you, better looking than you, fatter than you, thinner than you, shaved, not shaved, pierced, tattooed, older, younger, wilder, tamer. Basically, most everybody just fits right into the standard bell curve. Then, after a little while, you'll find three classes of people at hedo. The ones that have no idea what they're doing there, the nudists, and the swingers. By far the wildest group is the swingers. And by swingers, I don't necessarily mean swapping all around and such, I would really call them those that love to have sex and don't care where they are or who sees them.

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It's best if you go down in a group, they have them going all the time, and you're able to meet and talk to people before you go through email and what not, so you already know people when you get there. if you go on your own, then you should be able to meet and talk to people openly, or you won't have any fun. It's not the place that makes Hedo, it's the people there that make it. The more people you meet, the more fun you'll have. Just don't expect everybody you meet to want to have sex with you. Also, be prepared, Ganja (pot) is everywhere, so if that offends you, maybe Jamaica is not the place for you. When Jamaicans ask if "everything is ok", what they are asking if you need drugs or sex. You can get anything there, just never agree to the first price. Also, there are working girls on the resort, they usually hang out at the disco at night, and do have their "pimps" watching them. I didn't inquire on pricing, sorry, but I'm sure it's cheaper than the states. Just don't agree on the first price. General rule of thumb, offer half and work from there. There are nightly shows after dinner that last till 11 or 12. The disco opens at 11, and most people either go to the disco or the nude hottub. Most of the action you'll see will be at the nude hottub at night. It also depends on what type of people are there. My suggestion is to go during swingers weeks in January and July if that's you're type of people.Things to not miss: The tuesday night pajama party in the disco - go skimpy and the Toga party on Thursday nights is good.

Also, don't miss the wet t-shirt contest on Mondays at 1:30 after lunch. You gotta stay for the whole thing, cuz it's like no contest you've ever seen and the battle of sexes on tuesday night after dinner is halarious.Hedo is really set for couples, although there's singles there. I think you'll have a better time as a couple though. Also, be respectful of people having "fun" in public places, don't walk right up on them, but view from a discreet
distance. They don't mind being watched, but would you want somebody walking up two feet from you while you were having "fun"? Also, know when to say when. If you approach a couple or other person for "fun" and you don't get the appropriate response, then back off and try somebody else. Remember, just because they talk to you, does not mean they want to have sex with you. However, you're chances are a hell of lot better that they do just because you're at Hedo.

It cost us 3019 for 8days, charter air from houston. Plus 240 for air from Montego Bay to Negril (trust me, take the bus once, you'll fly from then on) We also spent 180 for two catamaran cruises to Joseph's caves and Rick's Cafe, both were great, although we liked the caves the best). However, if it's your first time there, just hang out at the nude pool and play games, you won't regret it.

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