Prostitution Report
from Kansas

I consider myself to be pretty much an expert when it comes to prostitutes. I am a pussy hound from way back and love variety. I've read a lot of the posts here and often hear how some guy is disappointed that a girl he has paid for sex won't do him without a condom. What is wrong with these guys? You may as well play russian roulette. Anyway, I'm in the KC area and this is how I make my rounds when I want some fast strange. I take I-35 to 18th then north to Central. As soon as 18th turns to residential, start looking for pussy. When I get to Central, I turn right and look all the way to 10th. I turn left on 10th and take it to Minnesota. Then left to 18th and back to Central. If I haven't found anything by now I take Central east all the way thru the bottoms. If this is all a bust, I head to Missouri to Independence Ave.

I really hate going here because almost all the girls are hardcore and addicts. Troost from 9th to about 45th is good if you want a black girl. Watch out for he-shes, there's one just about everywhere. I don't always pick anyone up because I won't do just anyone. When they get into your vehicle, shake their hand and introduce yourself. If their hands are really rough or dirty, they are probably either longtime homeless, crackheads, or both. There are many escorts services available in the KC area and most advertise in the pitch magazine. Most are just highpriced handjobs ranging from 100 to 300. Not a good deal. The girls are never quite as described. Imagine that. I have found a local nightline that seems to be the best bet. You call and get into a chat with different women. You place a greeting telling the women you are a very generous guy looking for some fun. There are a few pros on the line but you also hook regular girls tempted by fast cash. It's been a real hoot. I hooked up with two 18 yr old hardbody girls that needed 50 bucks to party with. We went at it for an entire hour at a local motel. I came twice with each of them. Well, thats pretty much the sex scene in the KC area, if anyone knows any other spots- LET US KNOW!!!

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