Prostitution Report
from Kenya

I have been living in Nairobi (Kenya) for the last 10 years now, and I guess I am pretty qualified to speak on the matter. The best club to get laid in Nairobi (and Mombasa) are the Floridas: the original one (in Moi Avenue) and the "new Florida 2000" (Koinange Street), also known as the Madhouse. Said crudely, it is absolutely impossible not to fuck when you go there... In any day of the year, you will find dozens of young girls available for what you're looking for, should it be a marriage in the Nairobi Cathedral or a quick blow-job in the toilet! It is important to note that there are only a few professional prostitutes there (price: 3000 Ksh [30$]/night - ten times what it used to be when I arrived here...), the majority are highly available young students looking for romance, long term friendship or/and immediate cash from wealthy white men.

A paradise? If you don't care about the details, yes. If you pretend finesse, post-coital philosophical discussions, delicate faces and smooth skin forget about it! Unfortunately [most of] those girls live in dramatically low higienic conditions - just wait to see them naked to realize this: acne, scars, wounds, marks of all kind ("What are all those scars on your chest?" "the former wife of my husband bited me" -I managed to fondle her anyway [doggy style] just because of the humorous side of the situation).

You get what you pay for, as usual...

Concerning the brothels, they are not really popular here since 1) it's illegal 2) you can find girls pretty much anywhere in the streets. I am still looking for white girls, the only place where I found them (asian ladies, not from western countries) was the "Cherry", in Westlands: check the personal ads on the Daily Nation for the phone number. The girls there are easily the ugliest I have seen in my life, I was horny but dignity is not an abstract concept... I managed to have a talk with the owner, an old and severe Chineese woman who had - it seems - a pretty interesting life. Anyway, the price was 2000Ksh/hour for the room and 3000Ksh/hour for the girl. The Chineese said there were constantly new girls, don't rely on me to ckeck this out.

Hope this helps. And, if you have any information on Western girls here in Kenya, please let me know!! In 1999 several Russian ladies worked in a highly efficient brothel in Nairobi; unfortunately, the local police closed it and expulsed the chicks... They don't like concurrence it seems.

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